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A lot of game nights take place at our house and some bigger games are quite a hassle to take with you on a bike* and so they sometimes get left behind in at our place. 😀

* Yes bikes are really a big part of living in The Netherlands and a lot of people here don’t even own a car.

So we’ve been playing quite some games again this week and that has been fun again! With autumn kicking in, there is something cozy about huggling up at a kitchen table playing some board games with hot coco and a blanket.
It’s been a long while, but we played Forbidden Stars again! Too bad I had forgotten a lot of rules and made tons of silly strategical mistakes … ending the game in the fourth round. Normally our plays end in the final, the 8th, round.  It’s still a brilliant and elegant game and I will certainly have my revenge – soon. 😉

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We also been playing multiple games of Elder Sign and we bought Kingdomino and that turns out to be a great filler game with a great flow.  The box says 20 minutes play time, but I think it can easily be played in 10 minutes with two players.

Last week we asked you guys for advice on deciding which games had to go and we received a lot useful tips – thank you! I’m curious:
Which games in your collection are probably the first to go?


Is it weird that I sometimes consider ditching games with oddly-shaped boxes that mess up a nice, uniform shelf? It’s just that, more often than not, they’re wonderful games … Forbidden Island, Forbidden Desert, Sushi Go! Party, Ice Cool, Lazer Ryderz, Brewin’ USA … so I can’t.

As my collection grows, I’m becoming more and more a fan of the notion of less box size variation and the smallest box possible … Akrotiri being an outstanding example.

(LOVE the subtle “Shelfie Mode” joke in the first panel … well done!)

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