SEMI CO-OP [sem-ee-koh-op]  adjective:
1. (Semi Cooperative) Partially, somewhat, maybe working or acting together willingly for a common purpose or benefit.

Semi Co-op is a webcomic mostly about board games started by a couple that became two board game enthousiasts with absolutely no history in comic-making. The definition semi co-op does of course directly reflect to games with a ‘maybe’  coorperative element in them, but it also reflects our relationship in real life – with a wink. With Semi Co-op we like to share our experiences, opinions and hopefully bring a smile on your face or even better: spark your interest in a game that was mentioned.


You can always contact us through our social media channels (Facebook & Twitter) or send a mail to: info@semicoop.com

Persons behind Semi co-op

Hi we’re from The Netherlands!

Rachel Kremer
– creator of all of the scribbly and colorful things, writer, site design

As mentioned above, I had absolutely no experience making comics before launching Semi Co-op. So you’ll probably see the style of the comic evolve through time. Semi Co-op is purely a hobby project right now and I actually make some money by being a freelance illustrator, animator and designer. Before this project I was one of the co-founders of mobile games developer Firedroid. I have a broad skill set and if you’re looking to hire somebody for a project, you can contact me through Studio KRHA. To see my portfolio, take a peek at RachelKremer.nl.

Twitter: @RachelKremer


Heinze Havinga
– co(de)-writer, inexhaustible idea generator

Heinze has been interested in comics most of his life and has an impressive comic collection.  Among his favorites are Atomic Robo, Chew , Saga and Transmetropolitan. Heinze also teaches students a great manner of things concerning data and attends to quite some hackatons. He also enjoys visual programming making all matter of weird shapes and patterns. To get an impression of his work, take a look at HeinzeHavinga.nl

Twitter: @HeinzeHavinga