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It's an emergency!
It’s an emergency! published on 5 Comments on It’s an emergency!

Netrunner, I love and hate this card game. The game with runs, stim hacks, hidden agendas, brain and meat damage, bad publicity, advancement tokens, ice breakers and many more terms that belong in the Android universe. It took us more than two weeks before we felt like we started to grasp all the different aspects of the… Continue reading It’s an emergency!

This fire is out of control! published on 3 Comments on This fire is out of control!

We like to make music playlists for the games we play for some extra atmosphere. With the playlist we made for Flash Point we were mostly focused on songs that somehow involved the word fire. That resulted in us singing along with the tunes of Electric Six, The Prodigy, Bastille, Johnny Cash, The Bloodhound Gang and many… Continue reading This fire is out of control!