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 make heads or tails of someone or something
Fig. to understand someone or something that someone has said. (Usually with the negative.) I can’t make heads ortails of Fred. No one can make heads or tails of this problem.

Heinze often has quite brilliant ideas, but sometimes they are a little bit too complex to explain to others right out of the blue. 😉 This one is rather simple if you have basic knowledge of binary numbers, but else… well, it can be rather difficult.

So we have these affiliate links on our website to board games on Amazon.com and we’ve now referred enough people that we can actually buy a board game ourselves from the credit we’ve received. Since we owe that to you, our dear readers, we wanted to give you a chance to influence how we spend it! You can vote on our Facebook Page, which game we should get! Right now Clank! is quite ahead of the rest, but please do vote if you disagree with that. 😀

A while ago we received a copy of Lucidity by Fox Tale Games, a push your luck dice game with a nightmare-ish theme. Despite all the horror, we’ve had a lot of fun playing it. And it looks just great:

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Lucidity is currently on Kickstarter and the project was funded within 48 hours! If you think Lucidity looks interesting, you should definitely check out their Kickstarter page: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/foxtale/lucidity-six-sided-nightmares

Do you know any game mechanics that might be a little too complex?

The Thing at the Thing with the Thing. published on 12 Comments on The Thing at the Thing with the Thing.

Everybody in our gaming group has trouble remembering the name ‘Betrayal at House on the Hill’ right! Not sure why, but is does make me wonder if we are the only ones. My brains always want to include the words the and haunted, probably because the ‘haunt’ is a part of the actual game… and simply because the game is about a creepy house on a hill.

We were reminded of our incapability of saying the title of the game right when we heard that there is going to be a Betrayal at Baldur’s Gate! Interesting concept, but not one that’s on our list to be very honest. We should play Betrayal at the.. Betrayal at House on the Haunted Hi… Betrayal at House on the Hill more often first. 😉 I wouldn’t say it’s an amazing game, but it is hilarious and always interesting what bizarre scenario you end up in with a group.

Good news for our Italian readers! Semi Co-op is now being translated by Gabriele Berzoni and will be published twice a week on http://www.ilgioco.news/semi-co-op/ and on their Facebook page. Thank you, Gabriele! 🙂

Are there board game titles that make your brains sweat trying to utter them?

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When we saw yet another debate about whether video games are destroying our fragile children, we immediately joked about how we would be more afraid that kids might damage our poor fragile board games. 😉

Before getting into board games I was more of a ‘digital’ gamer (and mobile game developer actually) and I’ve played a ton of games. I still play them, but I don’t have the time like I used to. Right now I’m playing  Stardew Valley and Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst and together with Heinze I’ve played quite some Helldivers, Overcooked, Rocket League and Star Wars Battlefront the past year. There was a point when I was developing games at day staring at a screen and didn’t really feel like playing games at night… staring at a screen. We made a slow switch to playing more board games and less digital games and that was a great thing. And now we’ve reached a nice balance between analog and digital entertainment, hurray!

Now we’re on the subjects of kids. We’ve gifted My First Stone Age to our nephew of six and we were amazed by the large wooden components, build quality and the smart game mechanics for children! Especially kudos for the memory part.

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What are your favorite digital games?

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Look at the chaos we create while building new decks, madness! 😀

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So yesterday there was a Netrunner Terminal Directive event at our FLGS. It wasn’t a tournament, but participants could either continue playing the story campaign or try to fill your objectives card by playing matches to each other. If you wanted to play matches, the card pool was restricted to the base game, Terminal Directive and one big expansion box. This made for fun oldskool decks to play against and it really felt like playing Netrunner in “the old days”, so we had a lot of fun. And we came home with a lot of special cards that we won by fulfilling the objectives!

It’s that time of the year again. People are reminding me that it will be my birthday again in a few weeks. Meaning they’re starting to ask if I have a wishlist – I don’t! Maybe you guys can help me out.

What (games) should I ask for my birthday? 😉

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For those people who have been living under a rock for the past two decades, this is the song by Celine Dion to which is being referred: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FHG2oizTlpY 😀

So, yes, Near and Far actually is on its way and it will probably arrive this week. Yaaay! We’re so curious about the game since we both think Above and Below is amazing.  An upcoming problem is that we don’t have a lot of time and that’s a terrible combination with a campaign game. 😉 I’m sure we’ll manage, somehow? I’m just happy that Pandemic Legacy Season 2 will be released Autumn 2017 instead of Spring.

Speaking of campaign games: Netrunner Terminal Directive is really fun so far. We’re reliving Netrunner the way it was before there just were too many cards available and that’s a great feeling. This Sunday we’re even attending a Terminal Directive event at our FLGS. It’s not a tournament, but during the matches, there are objectives you can complete. There are special promos/prizes if you do. So it’s a nice day of Netrunner without the stress of an actual tournament with a limited card pool. Perfect! 😀

So, what board game parody song would you make?

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We are a great influence on kids, as we also proved in earlier. strips.

Another week without playing as many board games than we’re used to due to loads of work. This is getting to be problematic for thinking up good comics. 😉

What I did manage to find time for on Sunday was playing a game of Scythe for the first time!  What a great game! It’s more simple than I thought and I personally like it more than Blood Rage for example. I really enjoyed the smart player boards and the fact that collected resources are left ON THE BOARD in stead of on your player board. Meaning you could lose them at any time if another player manages to take them away from you. 😀 This was the first time everybody in the group played Scythe, so I can’t wait till next time when it’ll go a little faster and everybody kind of knows what they are doing.

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What would be your historical timeline in board games?

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One of the things that were introduced in the Bespin Gambit expansion for Imperial Assault was the Hidden condition. It’s rather cool, but can lead to weird situations like this one that you’re standing right in front of the enemy, but they’re ‘hidden’. We looked it up and even big figures can be hidden… in plain sight. This whole hidden thing just screamed for a comic.

We’re still hoping there will one day be an app for Imperial Assault that takes over the role for the Imperial Player. Such an app was released for Descent and we think we would try playing another Imperial Assault campaign with an app. Nobody seems really motivated to take on the role of the Imperial Player at this time.

But until that day we’re now playing all sorts of other games! Last week we’ve played the dexterity game Ice Cool, which was suprisingly hard but a lot of fun. We’ve played Concordia, which I lost horribly, but it’s a great and clever game. And Heinze and me finally got our hands on a copy of Android Netrunner: Terminal Directive! W000t! We’ve only played one game yet, but we’re both eager to continue the story and to be playing some Netrunner again.

Did you play any Star Wars games on May the 4th (be with you)? 😉

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The Gloomhaven kickstarter for the second printing has nearly ended, only 17 hours left. So if you want to prevent the situation above, you can still make sure you get a copy. -> https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1350948450/gloomhaven-second-printing/

The shirt Heinze is wearing a shirt from the YouTube channel Actualol. If you like board games and you don’t know it yet, you should definitely check it out.

This weekend was International Tabletop Day and the badges we published last week have reached a lot of people! Yay, thanks everybody for sharing, I really appreciate it. 🙂

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We’ve not played a ton of games on Saturday, only two plays of Flashpoint and some Lost Legacy. And that’s mainly because we played a lot of games on Thursday and Friday like Mysterium, Ticket to Ride: Nederland, Bang!, Pocket Madness and Bloodrage.

I believe this year’s Tabletop Day was a great success and that leaves me with the question:
What games did you play on Tabletop Day?

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April 29th is this year’s International Tabletop Day! And to promote a day when people meet up to play board games (yay!), we’ve made some achievement badges you can print and give to other people or yourself when they/you deserve it. A thank you badge for your host of the day, a badge for excellent role playing, a badge for playing a ton of games, saving the world and many more.

Print it on normal paper, photo paper, magnetic photopaper, sticker paper, make actual pins/badges/buttons – whatever you think is cool, be creative and we would love it if you would share some pictures with us. 😀

You can download a printable PDF (letter/A4) by clicking here

Question time! What badges should we include next time?

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While we were playing Cottage Garden last week, the idea for this comic quickly came to mind. 😉

It’s been busy, so I don’t have a lot to share with you guys this week, except of course this crazy D&D book Dungeonology a friend of ours ordered:

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It’s filled with things you can open! Envelopes, little booklets and the giant pop-up map in the middle is crazy cool. It’s hilarious to see such a thing as information about D&D in a book that reminds me of a few books we had as kids.

What other games have cats in them?