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This is another redesigned comic that has been exclusively posted on social media two years ago.

GenCon is over and a lot of interesting games have been announced and people their crazy ‘haul’ pictures* are showing up everywhere. (* pictures of the gigantic stash of games that people bought at GenCon)  This made us think about how much money we’ve saved by not going to GenCon and how many games you could buy from that! In our case a ton of games since we would have had to buy two plane tickets to the USA. 😉

I hope everybody had a great time at GenCon or GenCan’t this year! 😀 If you have some fun anecdotes, feel free to share them in the comments, we’d love to read them.

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Although GenCon was a little out of our reach, we’ll be going to Spiel in Essen this year! It’s rather close to where we live and we think it’ll be fun to experience the board game madness for once. And we’re looking forward to meeting some of our readers and other content creators in the board gaming scene!

Board game convention veterans, any tips for us noobies for our visit to Spiel?

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People who have been following Semi Co-op on Facebook and/or Twitter might already know this comic. We posted it about two years ago on social media, but very little people actually saw it back then. With GenCon coming up this week, we think this comic is still very relevant so it has been redrawn. 😉
Flying over to the USA just for GenCon is not really an option for us, so we’re happily joining the bigger crowds at GenCan’t – which can be enjoyed from the comforts of your home, a friend’s place or your friendly local gaming store!

So you can even win prizes at GenCan’t by participating in their photo contest or join the raffle. Check out their Twitter account (@gencant) for up to date information. They also have a big list of free Print & Play games which you can play. In other words: there’s a lot to explore and GenCan’t is a wonderful reason to play a lot of games this weekend.

What games will you be playing during GenCan’t? Or if you’re actually going to GenCon: what games are you looking forward to?

In other news: sad news has reached us last Friday. Our fellow board game comic makers, Tiny Wooden Pieces, will be uploading their final comic this Friday. We respect and understand their choice, but the comic and their insights will be sorely missed. They’ve done an amazing job these past three years and they were a true inspiration. Thanks, you guys and good luck with your future endeavors. 🙂

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It’s the Semi Co-op summer special! The next three weeks will be a little different. Rachel reimagined three board game covers using the rule of the archetypical Eurogame box art rules. This all started when we came across this Reddit thread:”What is the most “eurogame” eurogame in your opinion?“.

For those who don’t know what a Eurogame is, a little explanation:

Eurogames or German-style games are games with low luck and low player conflict. Victory is, most of the time, achieved through gathering the most resources or point and not through direct combat. Think of games like Agricola or Catan, it’s all about building an engine that provides you with the right resource to grow the fastest. Games with a lot of dice rolling for shooting each other and random events tend to be called Ameritrash because this type of design used to be more prevalent in the U.S than in Europe. Think of games like Risk and Eldritch horror where winning can be decided by getting lucky on dice rolls.

An interesting historical reason for this difference in game design was the aversion against products that glorified violence in post-war Germany which resulted in the popularity of economic games. Because of the lack of explosions and big monsters in these games, the themes used to be things like trading in the Mediterranean (there is even a Dice Tower top 10 about this specific theme!) and the box art used to be kinda bland.

Luckily these two schools of game design have come together these past years creating new hybrid designs like Gloomhaven or Above and Below. Mixing the exciting themes and stories with solid designs that are powered by player decisions and not just random luck. This is great because we love some thematic flavor in our Engine builders and some strategic options in our dice filled luck-fests.

Enough of the board game history lesson! We’re off having adventures in the real world, we hope you have a great summer with some great games!

What do you think is the most boring board game box art ever?

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I was rather surprised by the news that there will be a Game of Thrones themed version of Settlers of Catan. But it’s true! Fantasy Flight Games will be releasing A Game of Thrones Catan: Brotherhood of the Watch this year. It has elements of the original Catan game, but it sure seems to take the game a step further. I’m curious what the critics will say about this one!

For us, this was a great excuse to make a Game of Thrones themed comic. 😉 I mean… if there ever was a moment to publish one this would be it, right? And no spoilers about the new episode in the comments, please, thank you!

Last Saturday we decided to take a full day off after these hectic weeks we’ve been having. We sat down at our FLGS and played their demo version of Splendor! We once played the app version of Splendor, but it didn’t really stick. So we thought it would be fun to give this classic and popular game another chance ‘in the flesh’. And it was great fun! We enjoyed it better as a physical game than the digital version.

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We realized we never really taken a good look at their collection of demo games, so now we made a list of which of games we’d like to try, but don’t really feel like we need to own. Or do we? We would just like to try them first. So we’ll be hanging around there more often this summer I think.

Do you ever play demo games at a games store before deciding to buy something?

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We recently got Clank! thanks to our readers on Facebook! We decided we wanted our readers to decide what game we were going to buy from the Amazon credits we got thanks to you. And Clank! won by a landslide. We’ve played it a few times now and it surely was a good choice. It’s a fun combination of Ascension, Android: Infiltration and that feeling in Pandemic that everything might go terribly wrong when turning over a new card. I think we’ll be playing it a lot with our group(s).

A brilliant part of the game is that players can (in)directly take out the risk-taking players by increasing the chance of a dragon attack by buying more cards from the trade row. This is how I won last time, if he would have reached the surface, I would have lost by a few points.

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Do you know other game titles that sound like foley sounds or exclamations? 

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Last week has been crazy. It’s a shame that the crazy times are work and family related and not board game related, meaning I actually have little to discuss in this blog post, sorry!

Since last weekend we have Clank! and Hanabi in our collection which we hope to play soon when things clear up a little. This also means more games to store somewhere in our house! I’m afraid we will very soon reach the point that we might have to give away some games we own that we don’t like enough to keep in our collection. But that is going to be terribly hard (for me anyway). There are a lot of games we don’t play very often, but we do think are amazing. Should those games make space for other games or should we keep them, even though we play them maybe once every three years or so?

I’m curious.
Do you keep every board game you’ve ever bought (even though you hardly play it) or do you sometimes clean up your collection?

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The art on the cards of Codenames: Pictures is so deliciously weird and effectively confusing during the game. We love it!

So last week was my birthday and Heinze gifted me a dexterity game I’ve always wanted ever since I saw it: Junk Art! The simplicity of building weirdly shaped blocks just speaks to me. And if it’s a game: even better! My mother for one clearly didn’t understand why I would be happy with a box of coloured blocks as a gift for an adult, but I guess that ‘misunderstanding’ is worth a comic on its own. 😀

The game is just a fun quick dexterity game that appeals to most people. I think we’ll play it quite often with our friends since most of them got giggly enthusiastic when I explained the concept of the game.

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There is a clear winner in our little Facebook poll of which game we should buy from our Amazon credits… and the winner is: Clank! We would have enjoyed every game on the list, so naturally, we are excited. 😉 Thank you all for voting!

Which do you prefer? Codenames or Codenames: Pictures?

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 make heads or tails of someone or something
Fig. to understand someone or something that someone has said. (Usually with the negative.) I can’t make heads ortails of Fred. No one can make heads or tails of this problem.

Heinze often has quite brilliant ideas, but sometimes they are a little bit too complex to explain to others right out of the blue. 😉 This one is rather simple if you have basic knowledge of binary numbers, but else… well, it can be rather difficult.

So we have these affiliate links on our website to board games on and we’ve now referred enough people that we can actually buy a board game ourselves from the credit we’ve received. Since we owe that to you, our dear readers, we wanted to give you a chance to influence how we spend it! You can vote on our Facebook Page, which game we should get! Right now Clank! is quite ahead of the rest, but please do vote if you disagree with that. 😀

A while ago we received a copy of Lucidity by Fox Tale Games, a push your luck dice game with a nightmare-ish theme. Despite all the horror, we’ve had a lot of fun playing it. And it looks just great:

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Lucidity is currently on Kickstarter and the project was funded within 48 hours! If you think Lucidity looks interesting, you should definitely check out their Kickstarter page:

Do you know any game mechanics that might be a little too complex?

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Everybody in our gaming group has trouble remembering the name ‘Betrayal at House on the Hill’ right! Not sure why, but is does make me wonder if we are the only ones. My brains always want to include the words the and haunted, probably because the ‘haunt’ is a part of the actual game… and simply because the game is about a creepy house on a hill.

We were reminded of our incapability of saying the title of the game right when we heard that there is going to be a Betrayal at Baldur’s Gate! Interesting concept, but not one that’s on our list to be very honest. We should play Betrayal at the.. Betrayal at House on the Haunted Hi… Betrayal at House on the Hill more often first. 😉 I wouldn’t say it’s an amazing game, but it is hilarious and always interesting what bizarre scenario you end up in with a group.

Good news for our Italian readers! Semi Co-op is now being translated by Gabriele Berzoni and will be published twice a week on and on their Facebook page. Thank you, Gabriele! 🙂

Are there board game titles that make your brains sweat trying to utter them?

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When we saw yet another debate about whether video games are destroying our fragile children, we immediately joked about how we would be more afraid that kids might damage our poor fragile board games. 😉

Before getting into board games I was more of a ‘digital’ gamer (and mobile game developer actually) and I’ve played a ton of games. I still play them, but I don’t have the time like I used to. Right now I’m playing  Stardew Valley and Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst and together with Heinze I’ve played quite some Helldivers, Overcooked, Rocket League and Star Wars Battlefront the past year. There was a point when I was developing games at day staring at a screen and didn’t really feel like playing games at night… staring at a screen. We made a slow switch to playing more board games and less digital games and that was a great thing. And now we’ve reached a nice balance between analog and digital entertainment, hurray!

Now we’re on the subjects of kids. We’ve gifted My First Stone Age to our nephew of six and we were amazed by the large wooden components, build quality and the smart game mechanics for children! Especially kudos for the memory part.

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What are your favorite digital games?