Last week was Semi Co-op’s 3rd anniversary! We’re celebrating with a comic (number 160!) which is a nod to our very first comic! The looks of our characters have changed quite a lot over the years and we thought it would be fun to show how much has changed in a single image. And yet very little has changed… our games are still spread out throughout the house. 😉

To celebrate this wonderful milestone we’re launching a thing we’ve been working on since the last couple of months: SEMI CO-OP MERCHANDISE!!! You can actually get yourself the shirts you see in the comic above! We’ve opened a store on Threadless, which means shirts, bags, notebooks – we’re offering a wide selection of designs and products and the best thing is that when you get yourself some cool swag, you’re also supporting us a little, which is highly appreciated. <3

To celebrate our launch, we’re offering everybody a 10% discount this week!

We have some awesome ideas for future board game themed collections and we can’t wait to get working on them and make them available later this year.

Keep an eye out on our social media channels this coming week, we’re giving away some cool stuff.

Which of our 160 comics is your favorite?

Congratulations on 3 years and the merch store!

My favourite comics have probably been:

I also like Clank! and I’m glad you made a couple of different comics featuring it!

Keep up the awesome work! 🙂

Happy anniversary!

What’s this, merch? From an awesome board game webcomic? An awesome European board game webcomic, so I won’t have to pay loads to get it shipped to Europe?


What’s this? Dollars? US SHIPPING? Nooooooooooo! 😛

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