In this worker placement game you have to build up your farm by collecting resources, building fences to hold cattle, expanding and upgrading your tiny wooden shack you call home, grow crops, make lovely babies and collect food. But there are only a limited amount of rounds in the game, so you’re going to have to make difficult choices and above all: don’t forget that you, your spouse and your kids have rumbling tummies.

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The six stages of Agricola published on 3 Comments on The six stages of Agricola

You can read all about my opinion of Agricola in the blogpost of the previous webcomic I made about the game. In short: I have a love-hate relationship with the game. This comic is mostly about the (recognizable) emotions or situations players experience during the game. I at least like to think that most players go through… Continue reading The six stages of Agricola

Giant Wooden Pieces published on 5 Comments on Giant Wooden Pieces

Ahh, we really like Flick ’em Up, especially because the game kind of encourages you to build your own world to fight the battle between the outlaws and the lawmen. We thought we’d add another element: other wooden pieces! 😉 For those unfamiliar with Flick ’em Up and noticed that the hat color of our… Continue reading Giant Wooden Pieces