In this cooperative living card game you’re going to have to fight your way through unspeakable horrors and battle terrible creatures that originated from Lovecraft’s stories. More scenarios will be released on a regular basis so you can continue the story if you dare.

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Confusing keywords published on 25 Comments on Confusing keywords

This is a reoccurring problem of Netrunner players: they stick to their known jargon. I’ve seen (and done it myself) with all sorts of games! “I’ll install this trait card” in EVOLUTION! A game that’s thematically so far removed from Netrunner that it doesn’t even make sense. 😉  But with Arkham Horror the Card Game… Continue reading Confusing keywords

The Golden Standees 2017 – People’s Choice! published on 2 Comments on The Golden Standees 2017 – People’s Choice!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! May the dice rolls be in your favor in 2018! 2017 has come to an end, and so we present your part two of the Golden Standees: The People’s Choice awards! Contributed by readers and we asked Colin and Aileen from TinyWoodenPieces to make an award and they did an amazing job! It’s… Continue reading The Golden Standees 2017 – People’s Choice!