Imagine being in a world where most of the human population has died or turned into flesh-eating zombies. It’s a harsh cold winter and you’re left with a small group of survivors. This game is the definition of SEMI co-op gameplay. You try to survive as a group but everybody has his or hers own secret objective or could be a traitor… Zombies are certainly a threat, but so are your fellow players. Who can you trust?

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Dead of Wi-… Trust published on 4 Comments on Dead of Wi-… Trust

Ahhh… Dead of Winter. This game has been the cause of quite some distrust at the kitchen table. Dead of Winter is the pure definition of semi co-op gameplay. I love it. What I think is genius about the game is that, besides a possible traitor, every player has his/her own personal secret objective in the game. Even… Continue reading Dead of Wi-… Trust

The Golden Standees 2015 (pt 2) published on 3 Comments on The Golden Standees 2015 (pt 2)

This is the final comic of 2015 (number 40)! Thanks all for the great support and for sharing the comics with your world, It’s been a great ride so far. I know that you’ve seen a  lot of board game top end-of-year lists, so I hope you still have some room left for desert. 😉… Continue reading The Golden Standees 2015 (pt 2)