Yeehaa! A game set in the Wild West that’ll give you trigger happy fingers. In this dexterity game you have shoot at targets by flicking disks around the table at other people’s meeples. A fun game for all ages! You can dual, play out the scenarios or just make up your own stories. Everything is possible in this beautifully crafted wooden game.

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Presenting: The Golden Standees 2015 (pt 1) published on 2 Comments on Presenting: The Golden Standees 2015 (pt 1)

Like mentioned last week, there was going to be something different this week. I’d like to introduce The Golden Standees! Our own (quite random) awards for board games! I’m not going to explain all the awarded Golden Standees, they are quite self explanatory. Perhaps the first one might be strange if you’ve never played Coup. All the players… Continue reading Presenting: The Golden Standees 2015 (pt 1)

Giant Wooden Pieces published on 5 Comments on Giant Wooden Pieces

Ahh, we really like Flick ’em Up, especially because the game kind of encourages you to build your own world to fight the battle between the outlaws and the lawmen. We thought we’d add another element: other wooden pieces! 😉 For those unfamiliar with Flick ’em Up and noticed that the hat color of our… Continue reading Giant Wooden Pieces