Mechs vs. Minions is an impressive looking co-op game in which players program the movement and actions of their miniature mechs. You work your way through 10 missions, each mission adds new elements to the game.

You can order a copy of the game over here:
Riot Games Webshop

Bleep – does not compute! published on 3 Comments on Bleep – does not compute!

Warning, programming joke!  Making the  phrase “Hello world” appear on a screen is often the first bit of code people write when learning a new code language. Mechs vs Minions is a programming game so … ah, you get it! 😉  We’ve played the first three missions of Mechs vs Minions and it’s a lovely… Continue reading Bleep – does not compute!

Presenting: The Golden Standees 2016 published on 7 Comments on Presenting: The Golden Standees 2016

2016 has now past, so it’s time to look back on all its glorious tabletop games! Semi Co-op presents the Golden Standees of 2016! (Curious about last year’s Golden Standees? Click here) We Call upon our readers for the People’s choice golden standees! Read more below. We’ve come up with a little less awards than last… Continue reading Presenting: The Golden Standees 2016