You and other psychics have been invited to Warwick Manor, where a terrible murder has been committed. The ghost of the victim still dwells there, confused and in search of the truth. Through visions, the ghost will communicate what it remembers and it’s up to the psychics to interpret the visions correctly and figure out who is the criminal…

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Precautionary spook published on 1 Comment on Precautionary spook

I was childishly excited for Mysterium this year, crossing off days on the calender in anticipation for the release. Okay, it was not that bad, but I was really looking forward to this game!  And it lived up to my expectations. The art, cards, game components and even the box inlay are of typical Libellud/Asmodee quality: simply… Continue reading Precautionary spook

The Golden Standees 2015 (pt 2) published on 3 Comments on The Golden Standees 2015 (pt 2)

This is the final comic of 2015 (number 40)! Thanks all for the great support and for sharing the comics with your world, It’s been a great ride so far. I know that you’ve seen a  lot of board game top end-of-year lists, so I hope you still have some room left for desert. 😉… Continue reading The Golden Standees 2015 (pt 2)

Summer Special week 1 published on 7 Comments on Summer Special week 1

It’s the Semi Co-op summer special! The next three weeks will be a little different. Rachel reimagined three board game covers using the rule of the archetypical Eurogame box art rules. This all started when we came across this Reddit thread:”What is the most “eurogame” eurogame in your opinion?“. For those who don’t know what… Continue reading Summer Special week 1