This Pandemic is a little different than the original! You and your team must fight the four deadly diseases for an entire year! Every month brings you other challenges and thus: the game and the rules keep changing. Create your own unique experience in Pandemic Legacy.

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The Golden Standees 2015 (pt 2) published on 3 Comments on The Golden Standees 2015 (pt 2)

This is the final comic of 2015 (number 40)! Thanks all for the great support and for sharing the comics with your world, It’s been a great ride so far. I know that you’ve seen a  lot of board game top end-of-year lists, so I hope you still have some room left for desert. 😉… Continue reading The Golden Standees 2015 (pt 2)

Times are changing published on 4 Comments on Times are changing

Since the success of Pandemic Legacy there has been a noticeable increase of games with a (story) campaign. What , campaign games?  Yes, those are games that have a story line which players can complete in a certain amount of play sessions. Of course there were other campaign games before Pandemic Legacy, like Risk Legacy or Mice… Continue reading Times are changing

Dear Z-Man Games… published on 8 Comments on Dear Z-Man Games…

Yes, we’re serious about our offer! You can contact us at info @ 😉 Have you seen the picture of the box of Pandemic Legacy season 2? If not and you’re interested, you can find it over here: We’re super excited about it. One of the translation errors in the Dutch version of Pandemic Legacy… Continue reading Dear Z-Man Games…