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A comic behind the screens of the afterlife! 😉 And this comic would, of course, not be complete without a link to this scene of Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey! Poor Death just wants to try and play some co-op games.

Last week, we finaly played Takenoko! We don’t own it, but luckily friends of ours have the game and brought it with them on a gamenight. It’s a delicious looking light and fun game, certainly one I would recommend to the “casual” gamers or for people that are looking for a game that’s and plays quickly.

Also last week, we’ve listed an item for Board Game Geek’s Jack Vasel Memorial Fund Auction, an avatar and signed print of the highest bidder in Semi Co-op style! The generosity has blown our mind, since it already raised $600! Crazy and very awesome!

I forgot to share the extra comics which we publish on our social media channels the past few weeks, so…  these are the latest extra comics, sponsored by
#021 – Be Proud
#022 – Choices, choices…
#023 – Analysis Paralysis

What game would you play against Death?

1. The Campaign for North Africa.

Prepare to have your mind blown by the fact that people have actually played this game. The map is 10 square feet. The game takes 10 players. The game includes 18,000 counters and a rulebook in three volumes. Each team consists of a Commander-in-Chief, a Logistics Commander, a Rear Area Commander, an Air Commander, and a Frontline Commander. And games have clocked in at 1500 hours, more than 2 months. It’s said that no one has actually ever finished the game.

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