Browsing Instagram, looking at #boardgames, for example, can be very nice and inspiring but also slightly addicting – so it’s important to keep in mind that it’s also fun to actually play games. Don’t fall for the infinite scrolling trap! 😉


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Last week, we finally revealed what we’ve made and send to our $10 patrons – and it was… a pocket dice tower! Most dice towers we see are quite large and we liked the idea of making a Semi Co-op dice tower, so Heinze put on his inventor’s hat and designed a dice tower that fits in a deck box, it weighs only 40 grams and can it can also be used to transport/store up to fourteen dice! We engraved them with some fun illustrations and personalized them with the patron’s names.
Everybody we’ve sent it to really liked it and we really enjoyed getting creative so we’re already brainstorming about what to make for the December surprise of 2019!

Also last week, we finally, finally started our Charterstone campaign! Hurray! Our BGG Secret Santa gifted us Charterstone more than a year ago, but at that time we were playing three or four other campaign games. We’ve finished two of those now, andnow felt like we were ready for Charterstone! The first game took a little long, but that was due to the tutorial, the actual player turns were really quick and we all excited to play it again. We’re playing the game with four players and probably won’t add any automas.

Last week we received a copy of Judge Dredd: The Cursed Earth from Osprey Games! We’ve played it once so far and noticed that we find it way harder than The Lost Expedition, the game on which this game is based. We’ll certainly play it some more to form a good opinion about it, maybe we did something wrong or maybe it really just is that hard! 😀

To prevent us from endlessy scrolling on Instagram, what game should we definitely play?

And we present part two of the Golden Standees!

It’s very handy to be able to think of your own awards and we used this power to also award Root with a Golden Standee for its meeples! Not the best, but the cutest meeples! 😀 Potatoes, potatoes, we just wanted to award both games. 😉
Cerebus turns out to be a little more under the radar than we thought and isn’t for sale yet. It’s a game we picked up at Essen and we think it’s a really fun semi co-operative game. Granted, none of the people we play games with, hold a grudge when you push them in front of Cerberus in the last moments of the game as you’re running towards the boat. In the end, it’s a game and nothing personal.
Heinze is always looking forward to being creative with laser cutters or 3D printers, so it’s perfect you can just buy & play the single Keyforge decks – a perfect excuse for him to get crafty!
And then there’s the final award for Martin Wallace. A name we’ve been seeing a lot on big titles lately. We think that’s an achievement that certainly deserves a reward.

The holiday season is definitely over and that’s a shame. Although I had hardly any time off due to work, between the family visits, Heinze and I tried to play a lot of board games and we did! We even played Great Western Trail, twice! This game has been sitting on our shelve for a very long time and we even called it our Great Western Fail. With us being the fail-factor because the game truly is really great and not even as complicated as I thought.

Last week, we also played Rhino Hero: Super Battle, Dragon Castle, Mysterium, Unlock: The Elite (a mini-scenario), Nemeton, Lost Cities, Gloomhaven and we finished our Near and Far campaign! Great times and so many different games – I love it!

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What Golden standee should we award in 2019?

Another year has passed, and thus it’s time for part one of the Golden Standees! Our silly awards for cool board games! Next week we’ll award another four awards to some lucky winners. 😉

2018 has passed by incredibly fast and it has been an amazing year for Semi Co-op! Not only did we publish 52 comics (+ 2 sponsored comics) on our website, but we also made 11 extra comics for the newsletter, which we also published on our social media channels. Crazy! We also launched our merchandise store and our Patreon page this last year! We’ve visited three board gaming conventions meeting all sorts of amazing people and made unforgettable memories.  We also logged 327 board game plays! We’ve been investing more time in our Instagram account, publishing 286 updates and we’ve gained over 3000 followers in a single year!

So, that’s about it. We’d like to thank all our readers for their precious time, their likes, shares, comments and overall kind words. We’d like to thank all the game designers and publishers for their generosity, every time somebody has sent us a game, we jump around the house a little. We’d like to thank the game designers who commissioned and trusted us to make a fun sponsored comic of their game. We’d like to thank other board game content creators for their creativity and for the awesome online community. And of course, we’d like to thank our Patrons for their awesome support! <3

We can’t wait what 2019 will bring, we’re excited and have many fun ideas in store for y’all if time allows us.

What’s your favorite game of 2018?


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We present… a Semi Co-op version of “Dinosaur Comics”! If you don’t know Dinosaur Comics, then you’re in for a treat! The comic has been around since 2003 and the art hasn’t changed at all since the first comic. With the release of Dinosaur Island and Duelosaur Island, Heinze was screaming for me to draw this comic and I got to draw our characters in dinosaur suits, worth it! 😉

So we have only played Duelosaur Island, (disclaimer: which was gifted to us by Pandasaurus Games), and we really like the game. It looks really good, it plays fast and the outcome and score surprise us every time. If you are looking for a fun two-player game and you’d like to build your own dinosaur park, this is one we’d certainly recommend. We assume there is a lot of overlap with its big sister, Dinosaur Island, but we recommend you do look up some reviews first instead of taking our word for it.

It’s the Holiday season and that means there will be more time for games! Yay! We’ve got quite some gaming days planned with friends this coming week, so that’s going to be fun. 🙂 And hopefully, Heinze and I can tackle some games we still need to play from Spiel.

A few weeks ago, I made a fun Semi Co-op art commission for Calvin, which I can now finally share now that he’s gifted it to his girlfriend! Tadaaa: It’s based on the Netrunner card AstroScript Pilot Program, his girlfriend’s favorite card. With our own history with Netrunner, drawing this was even more fun and I’m glad everybody seems to love it. <3

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Any suggestions for good human-related puns? 😉

I’m sure there are a lot of people that are ok with staring at pretty gift-wrapped gifts under the Christmas tree, patiently waiting until Christmas night to open them op. But I assume there also are a lot of people who find it quite a challenge trying not to somehow find out what’s in it. 😉


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The last two weeks of 2018 are a go! It’s such a weird idea that it’s almost 2019 already. Last week we’ve been busy rounding up the last things we needed to send out to our Patreon backers and we hope everything gets delivered swiftly. There was a little delay due to a semi-broken laser cutter at our local fablab, but in the end: all is well! And we can’t wait to hear what our patrons think of the surprise that we made for our $10 tier patrons. 😀 We’re really happy with the results and we’ll be sure to share them here once we know they have received it. 🙂

Speaking about Patreon. This coming Friday, it’s December 21th and that means it’s time for our Winter season raffle! If you support us on Patreon, you automatically have a chance of winning one of the following things:
– A cameo in one of our comics
– A winter themed sketch (and we encourage you to think along with how it should look like)
– A t-shirt or tote bag from our Threadless store

We’re really thankful for all the support we get and would like to give a little something back to you in this way. 🙂 If you can spare a buck a month to support our contribution to the board gaming community, we would be very grateful (and you might even win something cool!):

We’ve had little time to play games last week, so we only played another scenario of Gloomhaven (my character is now level 7, whoooh!) and we played Wildlands. Wildlands really is a game that keeps surprising us and we’re slowly learning the important strategic differences between the different factions.

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Do you secretly already know what’s laying under your Christmas tree?

I think this has happened multiple times in the last few years. 😉


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Last week, we received another package of our Secret Santa! It was Dinosaur Tea Party! Yeaaaah… I mean: “Oh jolly, I was anticipating on adding that fabulous looking game to our collection ever since I first laid eyes on it!” The game itself basically is a fancy version of Who is it?, only this is way more fun in my opinion. The game works best if everybody at the table wants to go along with the theme and speak with an accent and behave like posh dinosaurs. If you just want to play the game for what it is and don’t want to play along “in character”, the game might be a bit dull. But for most of our playing groups, this will work just fine as a nice opening or closure game on game nights.

So this year’s BGG Secret Santa was another success! Now we just have to give our target a good experience as well. Looking forward to that!

Last week we played fewer games than the week before, also due to a busy weekend. We played Ruthless, Cerberus and Dinosaur Tea Party. And that’s it! Hopefully, we’ll have a bit more time this coming week.

We also did a test run of the kids RPG system we’ve been working on since this Summer, it’s not finished yet, but if you’re interested, we’ve posted a small report on Twitter – click here to read it.

ICYMI, these are the extra comics that we published, sponsored by

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Are you participating in a board game Secret Santa this year?

This week’s comic features one of our Patrons: DiceSpire! 😀 He won an appearance in a comic in our Autumn Raffle on Patreon. You can also win an appearance in one of our comics in our upcoming Winter raffle on December 21st. Interested?


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So last week we were already surprised by our Secret Santa! That was way earlier than we expected! We received a package with Dragon Castle in it! After playing it at Spiel this year, this game ended up high on our list, so we’re super happy with the gift. Thank you so so much! And our Santa even hinted that this is not the only package. We feel spoiled to bits. <3 This week, we’ll get busy with taunting our target and hopefully, we manage to give him or her an awesome BGG Secret Santa experience this year. 🙂

We also continued our Gloomhaven campaign and we were doing ok in a rather difficult scenario until we triggered something. We didn’t see that coming and deemed it impossible and we were already discussing what we would do differently in our second try. Just for fun and to prove that this really was an impossible situation, we did continue playing the scenario. And no way, but yes, we actually did it. We won the scenario we had already given up on. That was simply amazing and we will have more faith in our own characters next time. 😉

And underestimating ourselves might have been a theme. We participated in a team bouldering competition on Saturday with four friends and we were able to do way more boulders than we had anticipated. Ok ok, lesson learned, we can do way more than we sometimes think.

Yesterday we’ve played… Dungeons & Dragons! It’s been over six or seven years since we last played a session, so that was really exciting! All the players had either played DnD a few times a looonggg time ago, or had never played it before. Luckily, our DM did a fantastic job. It was supposed to be a one-shot, but everybody was eager for more in the end. So who knows, maybe that giant stash of dice in our house might one day be used for roleplaying games.

In case you missed them, these are the extra comics that we published, sponsored by

Extra comic #003 – Tempting
Extra comic #004 – Third Time’s a Charm

Oh, and it’s Heinze’s birthday today – hurray! 😀

What do you do with your expansion boxes?

We demoed Holding On by HubGames on the UK Games Expo this year and we were impressed and really liked it. We bought a copy at Spiel and it’s now waiting on our shelf to be played and we’re looking forward to discovering more about the life of Billy Kerr! We’re enthusiastic about games trying different things and also engage original topics, like in Holding On. In this game, players play co-operatively as a nursing staff tending to Billy Kerr, a terminal ill patient. During the campaign, you have to find a balance between taking care of Billy and trying to gain his trust to learn more about his troubled life.

Since last week, we also publish two extra comics on our social media which are sponsored by CoolStuffInc! You can either subscribe to the CoolStuffInc newsletter to read them first or follow us on either Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. If newsletters or social media is not your thing and you would like to read them, here they are:

Extra comic #1 – Board gaming annoyances

Extra comic #2 – Black Friday

Last week we managed to stripe off some new games from our “to-play”-list! We’ve played The Rajas of the Ganges, Heinze played Crisis and The Cousin’s War with a friend while I was away (so it’s not really off the list, because I want to play those games as well) and we played Spoils of War! And also Century Golem and Root, but those weren’t on the list. 😉

It’s almost December and that also means it’s time for the BoardGameGeek Secret Santa! We already received our first message from our Secret Santa and now that we know who our target is, we have to think up a game plan. Exciting stuff!

Do you know any other games with such serious themes?

Last week we announced on our social media channels that we’ve teamed up with CoolStuffInc! That means that you can be the first to read our newest comic when you subscribe to the CoolStuffInc newsletter or if you check out their website. They have commissioned us to create comics for all the newsletters, so that means there will be a more Semi Co-op content! Besides our weekly comic, we’re also making ‘sketchy’ comics, these are more analog drawn looking comics that are a bit shorter/simpler. But we still guarantee that they’ll be about board games and we think they are funny. 😉 These will first be published exclusively in the newsletter of CoolStuffInc and we’ll also share them on our social media channels two days later.
And since it’s the Holiday season, that means there will be three Semi Co-op comics for you every week until Christmas! After that, there will be our weekly comic and one sketchy comic. We’ve also written a post about this collaboration on our Patreon page if you’d like to know more!


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We’re really excited about this collaboration since it means we can make more content and our comics are being shared with a larger audience. A win-win situation for all parties! 🙂

So what have we been playing last week?! We played The Quacks of Quedlinburg and that game was way lighter than we both expected, purely based on the cover. The box of the game has a eurogame feel to it, but looks are deceiving. Inside there is a fast-paced ‘bag’ building game. Instead of building up a deck of cards, you’re filling up your pouch with tokens with which you’ll brew your potion. We really enjoyed the game and since the box offers a lot of game variants, we’re curious to play it more.

We also played our first game of Clans of Caledonia! In this case, looks are not deceiving and this is a real euro game! It took us three hours with four players (with the two of us never have played the game), but we all had a great time! The game has a nice theme, great components and is all about producing goods AND selling/buying goods with a stock market system. The latter was a very interesting addition to the game that I personally had not seen before.

We also played our first game of KeyForge! We had fun playing it, but we both feel we might need to play it a few more times with maybe also other decks to see if it’s a game that sticks in the long run. It didn’t give me that WOW-feeling that I did have with Netrunner, but like I said: I’ll definitely give it a few more tries.

And we also played a game of Rising 5 and Root. In Root, we finally managed to defeat the Mechanical Marquise in co-op mode! Yeah!

Are there (popular) games that you really don’t feel like playing?


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It was a great joy to dive into the visual world of Root for this comic! Kyle Ferrin is an amazing artist and did such a fantastic job on Root. I had a ton of fun analyzing his art style and making this tribute. Heinze came up with the awesome slogans for the different factions and this was my first time designing propaganda posters and I think they turned out really cool. 😀

In Root, players play as different factions that are trying to become the ruler of the Woodland. All the factions have their own ruleset, making this is a so-called asymmetrical game. Playing as the birds, the Eyrie Dynasties, Root will be like a programming game. You lay down cards and you NEED to be able to do the actions or else there will be turmoil and your leader. If you ‘promise’ to battle in a certain clearing, but there is nothing to battle: that’s a faulty promise and that will cause turmoil.

Root is not an easy game, certainly not to explain to new players, but we really enjoy it. 🙂

Last Saturday, we were invited by 999 Games to visit Spellenspektakel here in The Netherlands for the first time. We had a great time and it’s great to see how many people visit such an event within our own borders. Understandably, there is a great overlap with Spiel, looking at the games, so the event was a little less interesting for us looking at the games. What we liked the most about the event was seeing friends from the industry again. And Portal Games offered us a table to organize a meet & greet! We don’t have that many readers in The Netherlands but ended up having a good time at the Portal booth nonetheless. Thanks so much for having us guys!

We also finally bought ourselves a copy of the game Ruthless! We have demoed it this year at the UKGE and really liked it. So we played it again in the open gaming area of the hotel across the street Saturday night together with Dave from TheHappyLuza, ruthlessly commentated by Roland from Roland’s Revenge, the designer and artist of the game. That was a great experience. 😉

Behind the Semi Co-op scenes, things are brewing and cool stuff we’re really excited about will be announced later this week. Keep an eye on our social media this week to stay up to date!

What’s your favorite faction in Root?
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