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Eclipse is quite an amazing and fun game, but all those tokens & cubes on the player boards are slightly insane. They require cautious players and are a drama for the clumsy ones. It’s easy to accidentely bump the table too hard, drop something right in the middle of all the cubes or other scenarios… like cats. Cats would be able to practically destroy a game of Eclipse if you don’t remember what cubes you’ve taken from your player board, into the game.

During a game of Eclipse you also get to know how tidy people are. The way the cubes are arranged on a playerboard is a fascinating source of information. Some people simply don’t care and just place them roughly on the printed squares and other try to place them as neatly as possible. I belong to the latter group, sorry. 😀

To give you an impression of the actual game board (it gets build up from loose tiles during the game):

What kind of player are you? The organized (slightly OCD) type or the ‘don’t really care as long if everything is sort of in place’ -type?

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This week’s comic is slightly different. It’s not based on something ‘funny’ we thought up in advance, but it’s based on a dice roll with Rory’s Story Cubes! I have to say: it was a lot of fun not knowing what the comic would be about in advance. To be precise, it was so much fun that I’ll make another one. That might also have to do with the fact that this comic doesn’t really have an ending, yet. 😉

The comic even has an appearance of Timmy! Remember Timmy the sheep? No? You should read these two comics.

In other news: we played Android for the first time last week. That game is intense! And huge! Wow. I’m not even sure if I really like it, but it was certainly an experience. And it’s definitely comic material.

What story would you have made with the results of dice roll of the Story Cubes in the video above?

A friend of ours got Formula D for his birthday, so we got a chance to play this ‘famous’ racing board game. I had no idea what to expect, but it turns out its fame is earned! We had a lot of fun during the entire race and it was unclear until the very end who was going to cross the finish line first. I won! Thanks to some lucky dice rolls I perfectly made it through some of the thoughest corners, while I started on the third place. It’s a smart and fun game that doesn’t take to long to finish and has tons of different ways to play it.

Besides all the different game modes, I’m very curious about the alternative map on the backside of the board. That seemed very challenging. And the game has no cards… so, with the temperatures rising and summer around the corner, that means it’s a perfect game for playing outside! 😉

What games make you feel like a kid again?

Disclaimer: In real life, Heinze never gets angry or even annoyed by losing a game. He actually really doesn’t mind if he wins or not, as long as it was a good game. And don’t worry, we don’t drop our cats on the table to sabotage a game either… although they would probably like it.

The idea for the comic came from the idea that flipping a table out of anger isn’t as easy as it looks! And well placed cats are just as destructive to a game as a table flip. 😉 We couldn’t really think of a game that angers us enough to ‘rage quit’ a boardgame. So the game you see on the table is a fictional game called “AFC Wimbledon goes to Mars”.  What now?! Yes, you can read this comic to find out more if you’re curious.

For my readers in the USA – I just saw that Amazon has a lot of amazing board games for sale, you might want to check it out: Amazon’s Tabletop Deals. Note: If you buy a game via that url you actually support Semi Co-op!

Have you ever played a game that has made you want to flip a table? If yes, which game?

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I actually tried playing random cards in BattleCON to see what would happen. It was quite an interesting fight! Although it was a close call, I didn’t win. And it’s a good thing that knowing what you actually do pays off, but nonetheless we had a lot of fun trying it. The K.O. letters are a big wink to the original Streetfighter game for the people that don’t recognize it. I’m button masher in fighting games, because I’m terrible at learning button combinations by heart AND button mashing mostly works (for me anyway).

I’ve updated the hosting for this website because of a lots of traffic that came in from Reddit last week (this topic). Hello to all the new readers! Thank you all for your kind words and enthousiasm, it really motivates me to keep producing these comics. 🙂 Anyway, I ran out of 60GB of bandwidth in 3 days.  That shouldn’t be a problem anymore since we upgraded to unlimited bandwidth to make sure you can keep reading the strips no matter what.

We played Dungeon Petz for the first time yesterday! It’s a fun game, but I do think it has quite a steep learning curve. There are a lot of little tiny rules to keep track of. Heinze and me would really want to play it again, because we would now actually know what to do from the very start. And so many ideas for comics…

What’s your favorite fighting board or card game?

Hip hip hurray to Semi Co-op! Exactly one year ago, on the 11th of April 2015 (International Tabletop Day), we launched this website! Since then we’ve published 55 comics, had almost 40.000 visitors and together they’ve looked at more than 225.000 pages. Wow! There is only one thing I can say: Thank you all very very much! 😀 It’s been a great ride so far and it’s wonderful and motivating to read your feedback and to see the amount of visitors grow almost weekly. To be honest, I can’t believe it has already been a year.

As an artist I’ve learned a lot in a year and it’s enjoyable to see the style of the characters evolve if you compare the last comics with the first ones. That being said: it’s about time I update the header of this website, that was actually one of the first sketches I made for our characters.

This week’s comic is about Saboteur, a game about dwarfs mining for gold… but one of them might be a traitor, he might be the saboteur! The connection to Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was quickly made in our heads. This game is a classic and a must-have if you’re looking for a party-like game for a bigger group of players.

Which fictional character would you like to play a game against?

It’s actually been a couple of months since we last played Flash Point! We should put it on the table again soon. It’s a smart and fun co-op game for experienced board game players and novices. To explain the comic: in the beginning of the game you roll dice to determine where the chemicals tokens are placed inside the house – it’s completely random! When victims are saved (or are ‘missing’) you have to throw the dice to determine the location for a new victim. This might be in a room you’ve already checked…

Flash Point is a game that can quickly turn on you. There will be moments when you think you are in control of the situation and still lose the game because of bad luck in dice rolling resulting in explosions and/or lost victims.

And now about a totally different game! Yesterday we played Cosmic Encounter for the first time and the game was not what I expected! It was a far more ‘light’ and quicker game than I anticipated. Even with six players. The game does has it flaws, like during the second game I never got to have my turn. The playing order got reversed and the game ended to quickly, so alas. Bad luck! But the many many available alien species make sure that every game is completely different. It was lots of fun and I surely wouldn’t mind playing it again soon.

What’s the last tabletop game you’ve played?

We bought Above and Below a couple of weeks ago and so far we really enjoy it! It seems like the sort of game that really shouldn’t work because worker placement and a choose-your-adventure mechanic are two things that shouldn’t mix but it does! We can’t wait to introduce it to different friends because it’s really nice.

That feeling of niceness is just everywhere in this game, from the colourful art and architecture, to the amount of thinking you have to do. You’re just having fun admiring each others adventures and buildings, until the scoring phase of course. 😉 It does a great job immersing you into it’s world while the play time is only an hour.

The most amazing part is that is what in the videogame industry would be called an indie game. Ryan Laukat did the design, the artwork, the publishing and only got some help on the writing. That’s probably why every detail matches the whole of the game, it’s the vision of one man.

The only downside to the game that it has some kickstarter exclusives that sound amazing! Lost villagers, extra quest books: we need it! So if you know somebody that will be able to sell or gift us these items, we might feature you in a future comic!

What are two game genres you would like to smash together into something glorious?

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Last week we finished our last game of Pandemic Legacy! And we won, woohoo! I won’t go into any details, because I really don’t want to spoiler anything – but it was great! We’ve been playing since October last year, so the idea that we won’t be playing Pandemic Legacy every one/two weeks is weird. It feels like that empty void after you finished reading a great book or watched a television series. Our conclusion: YES, GO PLAY THIS GAME! It is an amazing experience and totaly worth the ‘investment’ of roughly €10 per person if you play with four people.

Something completely different that I’d like to show you guys is Heinze’s little project he has been working on this weekend. He has made a mold of the Hive Pocket game pieces, poured chocolate in it and tadaa! Hive chocolats! Very succesfully, I might add. Click here for more pictures.

What board game with a campaign should we definitely play according to you?

Elder Sign is a fun dice game which is set in the same world as Eldritch Horror, only it all takes place in a museum. You have to collect a certain number of Elder Signs to defeat the stirring Elder God before time runs out. As an investigator you can spend earned trophies on souvenirs and one of the options is to BUY one these much wanted Elder Signs. Since the Eldritch themed games are heavily supported by story elements, this always makes us chuckle and imagine a situation like in the comic above. This player action was later ‘removed’ from the game in the Gates of Arkham expansion. 🙂

But it does bring me to the fun fact of gameplay elements in games that aren’t particularly logical if you think about them just a second longer. Like the fact that super smart world saving scientists cannot ‘share knowledge’ with each other in Pandemic. What happened to phones and e-mail? 😉 Or that newborn kids in Agricola can work after one turn? Logical gameplay mechanics, of course, but slightly funny if you imagine it in the real world.

Can you name any gameplay mechanics that would be ‘weird’ in real life?
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