It’s the return of our new favorite side-character and Death certainly has no time to read all of those rulebooks! 😉


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We’ve been giving away prints of our comics on our Patreon account and social media accounts lately and when we asked on Twitter if people would be interested in buying a print, we got a lot of positive responses. So we’re going to experiment with this a little more, starting out with the UK Games Expo. More info on this, next week!

Last week, we played quite a lot of games. We played another exciting game of Root with another really close call who was going to win. We continued our campaign in Charterstone, which just is a fun worker placement game. This was our fourth play and we’ve unlocked some pretty cool new gameplay elements for the next time we play it, so we’re looking forward to that. We received a copy of Bellum, a strategic card game by Ben Maloney and Ryan O’Leary that will be on Kickstarter on June 3rd. The art is slightly too gore to my taste on some cards, but I’m looking forward to our second play – thanks for the copy of the game, Ben!

From Osprey Games, we received the first Map Pack expansion for Wildlands! We are big fans of Wildlands and we had already planned on buying the new maps for ourselves on the UKGE. So, a huge thank you to Osprey Games for that. We’ve played one game on both sides of the map and we immediately fell in love with the Warlock’s Tower side, it’s so pretty!

And last night, we finally had our fourth D&D session! Whooh! That was great fun again and we’ve now learned to you should not start a bonfire on a mysterious magical stone. Part of the party was trying to find out more about this mysterious rock and experiment a little with different elements in this abandoned village. After water did nothing, we thought it would be interesting to try fire. So we all backed away 60 feet and my Warlock character used the Bonfire cantrip on top of the stone. That resulted in a giant fire, quickly followed by an explosion knocking all four characters unconscious… and blowing up our horses who were in the stables. Luckily, two of our party members were scurrying around somewhere else and managed to get us back on our feet. So, that’ ll teach us to be more careful next time… maybe?

Do you prefer reading rulebooks cover-to-cover or watch a rule explanation video?


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There’s a lot of “junk” in our house that got a second chance, due to…  Gaslands. “Those tiny pieces of metal would look really good on some of my cars!” 😛 We try to keep junk with potential to one box though.

Last week we introduced a new feature for our Patreon backers of which we are really excited: Timelapse videos of the drawing process of the comics! For a cool freelance project, I needed to be able to draw on location and thus I decided to invest in an iPad Pro! I’ve been eyeballing it for a couple of years now, but it was never really necessary and I had my doubts I could work on it as well or efficiently as on my six years old Wacom Cintiq 13HD in combination with my desktop PC. Boy, I am blown away! Even my biggest problem with the program Procreate, not being able to add text, was solved with an update a week after I got the iPad! I can now really make comics, anywhere, I am no longer desk-bound and that feels weird but very good. 😉 And on the plus side: Procreate automatically saves time lapses of the whole drawing process, giving me new cool content to share! Exciting times!

Our board gaming life has been quite dried up these last two weeks. We’ve both been really busy and we’ve had a guest in the house for the last two weeks and we’ve been away from home a lot. Hopefully, we can manage to get back to board gaming in the coming weeks! I am really starting to miss it. 😀

And in less than two months, it’s time for the UK Games Expo! Well, that at least will give us time to finally play some games! But I do feel horribly unprepared for it and have no idea what games or projects we need to look out for… Help?!

What games should we check out at the UK games Expo if we get the chance?


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But seriously! Ever since we started playing board games on a regular base, our power bill has been going down every year. Certainly one of the benefits of playing a board game in the evening compared to just watching TV every night. A perfect argument to promote playing more board games! 😉

Last Thursday on April 11th was Semi Co-op’s fourth anniversary! Time has gone by so incredibly quick. And I’m really proud to say that during these four years, we never missed a single update! Resulting in 212 weekly comics, 3 sponsored comics and, thanks to CoolStuffInc, 26 extra comics for all of you to enjoy. We previously only shared the extra comics on our social media channels but felt like we were missing a place where people can read all of them. So… you can now also read them here on our website! We’ll post them on this page, which you can find in the menu under “Sketchies”. We’ll update this page on Wednesdays.

And we also upgraded our archives page, now showing all of our comics! 🙂

I also wanted to say a big thank you for everybody who read our silly comics, thank you! It’s been a really fun and interesting ride so far and we’re really looking forward to the future. And a special thank you for our patrons, it’s so amazing there are people out there that can and want to miss a few bucks to support Semi Co-op financially. 🙂

To celebrate four years of Semi Co-op, we’re giving away signed prints of your favorite Semi Co-op comic on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account! All you have to do is share your favorite comics, using the hashtag #BirthdaySemiCoop (on FB, don’t forget to set your post to public and tagging us to make sure we see your entry).

What’s your favorite Semi Co-op comic of the past four years? 😀


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Cat owners might recognize this! …or our cats are just weird. Around their “dinner time”, they turn into (passive-)aggressive, cute and adorable fluff balls that like to lay on the table with games on them and ignore all the rules we taught them.

Root still amazes us with every play! It’s like discovering something new every time and that’s also because we often play it with a different number of players. Two, three, four and now we’ve finally played our first five-player game last week and that was interesting! We played with the Marquise, the Eerie, the Woodland Alliance and two Vagabonds. The Woodland Alliance started off quite slowly and everybody made the mistake of ignoring the forest critters and focussed more on the Marquise and the Eerie. Before we knew it, the Woodland Alliance was rampaging through the forest, winning the game by scoring more than 8 points in one turn. A lesson learned for next time!

Besides Root, we only managed to squeeze in a game of Illimat and a game of Roll for the Galaxy in our schedule. Heinze looked it up and apparently the last time that we played Roll for the Galaxy was… October 2017! … 2017! HOW?! I honestly can’t believe that. It didn’t feel like it was that long ago. Time flies by way too quickly.

Speaking of time: Thursday it’s Semi Co-op’s fourth birthday! 😀 We’re planning on some fun giveaways on all of our social media channels. Something with a chance to win a signed print of your favorite Semi Co-op comic! Keep an eye on our Twitter, Facebook or Instagram this Thursday as we share more details about our celebration party. 🙂

And, in case you missed it on our social media channels, this is the latest extra comic, sponsored by
#025 – Missing…

pet owners: what silly quirks do your pets have while playing a game?

Nope, no April Fool’s joke to be found here, sorry! First, we both kinda forgot about it and most importantly, we already make jokes all year round! 😉


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Last week we only played one game of Gloomhaven and a game of Kingdomino. All the other nights, either one of us was too busy to play a game. The Gloomhaven session was crazy though. Our strategy kind of backfired. We ended up sacrificing two characters that had to block the way of a swarm of enemies so that the third speedy character could finish the game by doing the required action. Ok, phew. We really thought we were going to lose this one.

And on Sunday I finally convinced Heinze to join me in a co-op game of Stardew Valley. Which is a total time sink and we should really never play it again for our own sakes… but it’s so fun and way too addicting though.

Semi Co-op’s four-year anniversary is coming up! I can’t believe it’s already been that long since I started uploading silly board game comics to the internet. I’ll share more information about what we’ve got planned next week!

And, in case you missed it on our social media channels, this is the latest extra comic, sponsored by
#024 – Comprehensive Method

Any board game related April Fool’s jokes out there we should really know about?
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