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Kickstarter has new rules and regulations on how to present your product to your (potential) backers. You can’t show photorealistic renders of your product anymore, so we took the liberty to help game designers and producers out and came with some original ideas on how to present your game. And yes, the Magic Eye picture in the last frame actually shows a board game component! At least it should, I made it with some kind of online generator. 😀
(btw, note that we don’t know if these new Kickstarter rules really also apply to tabletop products)

Last week we received an amazing package from Corvus Belli that made us blush! So, if Belén is reading this, thank you once again! 😀 Not only were we given their game Aristeia, but also some expansions, fun goodies, and even a comic! We’ve only had the time to play the demo together once, but that certainly was promising! It’s a two-player battle arena game with really cool miniatures and art. If you’d like to know more, you can check out their website. I can’t wait to play it again. I’m taking the entire month of August off, so I hopefully get to play some games then! 😀 And don’t worry, no summer-stop for the comics.

On Thursday we played Gloomhaven and it was once again a rush-level. Whenever the win condition is to reach point X to win the scenario, we always know there is only one way to make it… and that is by running and trying to survive. Those levels often have too many enemies to actually fight them and still have enough cards left to make it to the exit. These are not really my favorite levels because it doesn’t feel like the game was made for rushing like this.

Friday we’ve played Great Western Trail again, but this time with the B-side of the building tiles combined with random placement on the board. This four-player game quickly turned into some kind of slow Monopoly and economic kind of game where it would cost loads of money to simply get to the single cow market on the board for example. For Heinze and me, this totally drained the fun out of the game so we’re going to stick the A-side of the tiles from now on.  🙂

This Thursday, it’s time for part two of the Isle of Cats comic series! If you missed the first one, you can read it here.

Any thoughts on the new Kickstarter regulations?


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It’s true! Ever since we played Welcome to Dino World and we now play a roll-and-write game that includes Tetris-like shapes or just squares, we feel an urge to draw the cute dinosaur doodles in them! Since Ross from MoreGamesPlease gave us a demo of the game, it’s his logo shining on Heinze’s shirt this week. And also because we really love the work that Ross does, giving a platform to all the wonderful artists in the tabletop gaming scene.

Last week we played our first game of Treasure Island with the chalk markers and they work fantastic! Look at it! The lines are all the sudden visible! Since most of the guys in our gaming group are color blind, we always just play with the side of the board with the muted colors. I played as Long John Silver again and I almost won! One action before it was my turn and I would have gloriously walked to my treasure, the player before me used his last action to search with his monkey… finding the treasure. Shoot, so close! 😀 I can’t wait to just play a pirate next time, I have the feeling that’s terribly hard.

And on Saturday we played a six-player game of Rising Sun! It’s been quite a while since we played it and that game has such an incredible table presence. I had forgotten all of the little things you have to keep track of if you really want to keep an eye on who is winning.

This Thursday, there will be an extra comic for you all! And I’m very excited about that collaboration. 😀

Do you own any Roll & Write games?

We have quite a few games that are for three or more players that we don’t get to play a lot… so Heinze thought of a solution! 😉


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It’s been another busy week and Saturday also was my birthday! Hurray! Since there was a family day planned on that date many months ago, I celebrated it on Sunday. I might not have been able to play some games, but I did get two! One of them was 7 Wonders Duel! A lot of people call this one of the best 2-player games out there and we have never played it before. So that’s finally going to change!

I also got gifted a self-made boardgame by my nephews of six and eight years old! It has portals, clay miniatures and a battle deck with cards like “golden mist” and “sea explosion”. What else can you want?! The only issue might be the size of the thing since it’s 90x60cm we have no idea where to store it yet. 😉

Last week we’ve played a four-player game of Great Western Trail and we got to test our new horse meeples! 😀 Efka of NoPunIncluded pointed these out to us a while back and ever since we were really keen on owning our own set of horses. They make sense for cowboy-like figures and look adorable on the board. 😉 If you’re interested, we got them at a German webshop called
Our game itself was really exciting too. All player scores ended up really close to each other. There was only a difference of 5 points between the first and the last player! I don’t think we’ve ever seen that before.

Do you like dummy players, automata, bots?


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Treasure Island is one of the two games we bought at the UK Games Expo. Ever since we saw it at Spiel last year, we’ve been intrigued by it. When we knew we weren’t going to take almost any games home with us and we saw Treasure Island for a really good price, we couldn’t resist. If you have never heard of Treasure Island, it’s a game in which one player takes on the role as Long John Silver and the other players are pirates who are trying to find his treasure before Long John gets to it himself. Long John Silver marks the spot of the treasure on their own little mini-map and has to give clues about the location of the treasure to the pirates,.Players will draw public information on the giant map on the center of the table, while they draw secret information on their own mini-map. The result is a lot of circles, lines and small notes written on the island leaving the tropical paradise in a sorry state by the time the game is done. To add to the madness, Long John Silver gets two chances to lie when he’s giving out information making it even harder for the pirates!

If you would like to know more about the game, I can recommend Shut Up & Sit Down’s video about it.

Although we haven’t played any games last week, we do have some fun things on the horizon! On Thursday we will probably play Great Western Trail! At our FLGS, they are going to organize a Key Forge tournament in the near future! I would just love to buy a deck on the day of the tournament and see what it does. And we managed to set a date for another game of Rising Sun with the maximum number of players. So hopefully we’ll be gaming a lot more in the near future!

What’s your favorite asymmetrical game?

We’ve both had a terrible off-week last week after the UK Games Expo. And Heinze always has very interesting dreams when he’s feeling ill..! We’ve been joking that a lot of game publishers have animal names in their company names and we finally wanted to make a comic about that. If I had more time, I could have also included the bigger names that don’t have animals in their name but do have them in their logos. You could start a zoo! 😉

Last week, we’ve played Treasure Island with friends for the first time! And that was fun! I took on the role of Long John Silver and managed to keep the silly pirates away from my treasure, yarrr! It’s not the deepest of games, but I did really enjoy it. I thought it would be a lot harder playing Long John Silver, but I had the luck that I could give some completely useless information to the group with a few hint cards which frustrated them to bits. We did, however, immediately order some chalk markers for some more contrast to increase the visibility of the lines on the board.

On Thursday night I played another game of Crisis with friends! In round six, we noticed that we had accidentally played it on “easy” instead of “medium/hard”. We were already wondering why the economy was at its max all the time. It was interesting to see how that changed the dynamics of the game since nobody really had to pay notice to not crashing the economy and just doing whatever they liked. The game is really starting to grow on me, so many thanks to Calvin for introducing us to it!

Which publishers would you put on your ark?
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