Some games have situations and rules that can be bent a bit. Love Letter is a good example of this creative interaction variant we encountered during our last play. Was it a fair move? No, but it was funny – certainly because nobody ever did it before in the years we’ve been playing it. The Mind is also one, which is sort of automatically house ruled at every different group you play with.


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We played a lot of games this week. Besides Love Letter and the Mind, we also played… Western Legends! We’ve now played it with three players, which was already better than with just two, but we still feel like the game needs more players to really shine and have a nice number of “goodies” and “baddies”. We might also try playing with the goal cards next time.

And new to our collection is Flamme Rouge! We had already played this at Draughts in London last year and really loved the game. We now got to introduce it to friends of ours and the game just rocks. The base side of the tiles makes it a game that can be enjoyed by many people, old and young. We can’t wait to try the more challenging side of the tiles.

We also played It’s a Wonderful World again! Now with five players. The game really shines with 4 or 5 players due to the number of cards that are available in the drafting phase. We think this game might be a modern classic and we think it might stick around for a couple of years as a highly praised drafting game.

On Sunday, Heinze played Rising Sun again! I couldn’t join because I was feeling ill, but according to Heinze the game really gets a lot better once you have a group of players that know what they’re doing.

And quicker than we thought, we have reached the 10.000 followers milestone on Instagram! 10K, that’s crazy! This means we also get to link to stuff in our Instagram stories, which is really valuable. We worked hard for this, keeping a consistent update schedule and we’re really happy it paid off. We might do a small give-away, so if you’re interested, you might want to keep an eye on our account.

Which slight bending of rules have been introduced in your game group?


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So, the next Gloomhaven has been announced… Frosthaven! We’re not even near finishing Gloomhaven with around 30 plays and thus I always wonder who the people are who actually manage to finish such a gigantic game! We haven’t even considered getting the expansion for Gloomhaven because it’ll probably take us another year or two to finish just Gloomhaven. Nonetheless, it’s cool that there will be more Gloomhaven for the fans and that the game is such a big success! But we’ll not touch Frosthaven before finishing Gloomhaven. 😉

These last weeks of the year are crazy, and so there’s little time for me to play games. Tuesday was Heinze’s birthday and some colleagues came over to play some games and we played Mental Blocks, Head Hackers and Paranormal Detectives. This is quite a popular combination of games if we’re with a bigger group! Some co-operative puzzling, silly word game and an even sillier detective game. Other than that we only managed to play a game of Parks and London last week.

Being busy with work does mean that there are some really awesome cool Semi Co-op things on the horizon that I can’t talk about yet, but Heinze and I are both really excited about it and we’re looking forward to telling you about some really cool collaborations!

What’s the longest campaign game that you’ve finished?

The best thing about Heroquest


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The thing we most often come across is that a lot of games don’t really shine with just two players. Especially when an AI is added, chances are big that it’s not going to work out well. Having a lot of games in our collection, it’s really fine – there are enough other games that we can play that work well with just two players or are even designed for it. But it does mean that some of our favorite games aren’t played as often as we’d like.

A game that does score very well on play counts is Gloomhaven – and finally – after 29 sessions, my character Tony Spark the Tinkerer has retired! I’ve been level 9 for quite a while now and honestly, the game was getting too easy for our merry band of adventurers. With another one of the characters probably retiring the next session, it will completely change the dynamics of the game and that’ll be interesting!

And out of the blue, our BGG secret Santa sent us a message that our gift was ready for pickup! Wooh! After solving a little puzzle, we had the code to pick it up at a local game store. And we got Western Legends and The Mind! Our Santa has spoiled us again this year. 🙂 The Mind we had played before, but we’re happy to own a copy now because it’s just such a fun little game. We’ve also played Western Legends this weekend and the game is much lighter than we thought! We expected a heavier running around the board game, but it turns out to be quite a light sandbox game! And that was quite a nice surprise. It goes up to six players and it’s really something we could play with a bigger group on game nights on a weekday.

Yesterday, we early-celebrated Heinze’s birthday and our younger nephews also visited, so they had a go at our HABA games! We also tweeted a bit about that yesterday. 😀

Since it’s still Cyber Monday, we also have a sale going on in our merchandise store! If you’re looking for some fun Semi Co-op/board gaming apparel, notebooks or bags and would like to support us in the meantime – check it out! 🙂

Being in a board game couple means…?
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