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The latest addition to our game collection is Mr Jack Pocket. Basically a very smart two player cat and mouse game in which Jack the Ripper tries to stay out of sight of Sherlock and his team or tries to outsmart them while being seen. It’s a quick portable game that takes about 15 minutes and worth checking out if you’ve never heard of it and are looking for a smaller game with a smaller price tag for two players.

Now, about that team of Sherlock… my first reaction was: What about Wiggins?! We’ve played a few cases of Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective and in that game the team clearly exists of Sherlock, Watson and Wiggins!

I tried to draw the comic a little in the style of the artwork of the game, but I somehow ended up channeling the art style of Tiny Wooden Pieces a bit as well. Check out their great comics about board games if you haven’t already. 🙂

What’s your favorite Sherlock Holmes themed game?

The first time we played Eldritch Horror with friends, we came across the card with this text and we were all like: “What the?”. And that’s what I personally love about Eldritch Horror. The game is loaded with unexpected story elements and your investigators go through the weirdest and most terrible of things. That’s if they manage to stay alive, of course. We probably lost the game more often than we defeated the Ancient One.

It’s not a game we play too often, it’s one of games we want to plan a day around. To take our time and read aloud all the cards and use (silly) voices and use heavy accents to set an atmosphere. You just want to end up with that character that has taken on a dark pact, has hallucinations and has been lost in space and time and in a ‘friggin forest on the moon. It’s just good story. Until you flip over that Dark Pact card of course, because that means something terrible will probably happen to you.

Hah, now I feel like playing the game again!

What’s your favorite story game?

The board gaming world has, like most things, its own jargon. It can be slightly confusing if you’re new to board games. First there’s the easiest: games categorized by their game mechanics. That’s something you’ll learn and reconize quickly. Then there are the acronyms, which you’ll mostly find online, but I often find myself puzzled not knowing which game they’re talking about. The games mentioned in the comic:

ONUW: One Night Ultimate Werewolf
A:NR: Android: Netrunner
KONY: King of New York
TTR: Ticket To Ride

And then there’s this series of abstract games (which can be combined?!)… with rather interesting names: GipfZèrtz, Dvonn, Yinsh, Pünct and Tzaar. These names always remind me of Ikea furniture, so well, just imagine them naming the games in combination with Ikea furniture. 😉

Oh, and for the Shut Up & Sit Down fans – yes, those are the ‘abstract games’ versions of Paul and Quinns, from their video review of Tash-Kalar.

On Instagram we challenged people to build the hightest and/or most impressive tower made out of dice – if you feel like stacking some dice: feel free to join in! It’ll be lovely to see other people their creations.

What acronyms do you know and/or use for certain tabletop games?

I think Qin is a really charming game by Reiner Knizia. It’s simple, elegant and just looks impressive. The playing board is huge, the game components are of very good quality and it’s not very expensive. And even though there’s a lot going on on the board, with all the loose tiles and the colored pagodes standing around, it’s somehow not too busy and you can easily keep track of everything that’s happening.

It’s one of those games I often play with people who are not too experienced in playing board games. It takes about 20-30 minutes to play and you can explain it in 3 minutes. And come on, it just looks impressive, look at it:

So we often browse through #boardgames  and other board game related hashtags on Instagram, I think that’s actually the way how we discovered Qin in the first place! Besides the usual suspects, you sometimes stumble upon very interesting, a little less known, pretty looking games.

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What is the most photogenic game according to you?

Ticket To Ride is one of those games that regularly ends up on our table, it’s just an excellent game. Whenever we want to introduce somebody to the world of board gaming, Ticket To Ride is certainly one of the games we’d recommend. We own the original Ticket To Ride (America) with the big cities expansion and the maps of India and Swiss. We’re still thinking about getting the Netherlands expansion, simply because that’s where we live and our hometown is on the map!

For those who are fortunate enough to not have encountered a Ticket To Ride App Addict, this is the tune that will start working on your nerves: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jBZochITFMs It sounds nice and relaxing in the beginning… but that will change after a few hours. 😉

What type of Ticket To Ride player are you and do you know other types?

K2 is one of those games that’s always fun to play. Although when it’s 30 degrees outside, it’s a little harder to fully immerse in the theme of the game. 😉

At first we thought it was more of a racing game to the top of the mountains. But it ISN’T! Yes, you score more points if you manage to get higher on the slippery slopes, but you’re also more likely to turn in a human icicle because of exhaustion. It’s quite a puzzle to figure out when it’s the right moment to advance and when it would be best to stay put and wait for the bad weather to pass.

If you’re interested in K2, you can check out the review by Shut Up & Sit Down: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AsXG72SWAzk

So last week was GenCon, one of the biggest board games event around the globe. For all the board game enthousiasts who were unable to go there, there was GenCant! GenCant is intended to basically be something a bit fun for everyone who can’t attend Gen Con. A lot of digital chatter about games and sharing funny and goofy pictures and there were a lot of prizes to win!

Semi Co-op released some GenCant related comics on Facebook and Twitter. Follow/ like our pages to check them out. 🙂

Watch It Played has launched their crowdfunding campaign for season 5!

We’re both big fans of Rodney Smith’s channel and we often choose to watch his videos instead of plowing through thick and sometimes complicated rule books to get an idea of the game play. If you’ve never heard of Watch It Played and you’re not a fan of staring at a rule book for an hour before you even have the slightest idea of how a game is played: you should definitely check out his YouTube channel – https://www.youtube.com/user/WatchItPlayed.

If you do know Watch It Played, you have to agree with me that Rodney Smith always looks friendly and calm. It’s amazing. That’s why I can’t imagine how hard it must be to play a game like Coup with him. I tried in this comic and I think it would be rather challenging. 😉

We’re surely going to support season 5 of Watch It Played and if you’d like to do that too, you can contribute to the project here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/watch-it-played-season-5#/story

What games did you learn to play by watching Rodney Smith?

It’s been eleven weeks since my last comic about Netrunner, so I thought it was about time to post this one. 😉 People that don’t know or play Netrunner really won’t get the joke, so I’ll try to explain it a little.

The comic is based on the card Scorched Earth.

Source: NetrunnerDB.com

In Netrunner, one player plays a runner (‘hacker’) and the other player plays a big corporation. Corporations have the ability to tag a  runner.  When a runner is tagged, a corporation can do some horrible things, like Scorched Earth. During my last tournament I won twice because of this card. Both times I ended up with two Scorched Earth cards in my hand and the possibility to tag the runner (and them lacking the money to remove the tags in time). As a runner you can’t really defend yourself against a total of 8 meat damage. That’s because the cards in a runner’s hand are equal to the amount of damage they can take. With the standard maximum hand size being 5: you can do the math.

For the Netrunner players: What are your favorite cards (or combination of cards)?


King of New York! The quality of the illustrations, game pieces and the custom dice are just top notch. It’s worth checking out if you’re looking for a fast-paced fun game is that easy to learn for people that don’t play board games too often! And it has a cool theme, you get to play giant monsters, does it get better than that? There’s a review of The Dice Tower you can check out to get an impression of the game: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4TmQXECJj4Q

So, everybody who has cats and likes to play board games must have experienced this a few times – or very often. Our cats can’t stand it if our attention is focused on a piece of cardboard, after all: what are we humans thinking, they are the center of the universe! Most of the time the ‘damage’ done by these adorable furry creatures is reversible, but not always…

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Do your pets have annoying ways to draw your attention when you’re playing a game?

So last week White Wizard Games (very successfully!) completed the Kickstarter campaign for their new game called ‘Epic’. Due to popularity, Star Realms was unavailable for about a year here after its release and we don’t want to wait that long again with Epic. That combined with us simply loving Star Realms, we just had to back Epic on Kickstarter and make sure we get the game immediately when it’s out. We gathered some people at our FLGS (Friendly Local Gaming Store) and ordered a few copies of the game so we could divide the shipping costs. This actually is the first (analog) game related Kickstarter that we backed.

One of the stretch goals of Epic was a Print and Play of the game! We haven’t played it yet. I’m not a big fan of print and plays (all the cutting and inky hands!) and prefer to just wait until the actual product as it is meant to be is in my hands. But I am very curious about the game play of Epic, so we might just want to try the game and outsource that cutting work or else we’ll have to wait until September…

Did you ever back a board or card game on Kickstarter? If yes, which one?
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