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We hope everybody is doing well, we are both still healthy and we’re starting to have a little more free time for some games. Which really helps to fill out the blog ;-). This week’s comic is based on our experiences playing our first board games on Tabletop Simulator and Tabletopia. Both “games” are a virtual tabletop, which means they allow you to play boardgames but do this in a way that simulates an actual table. Often there is no strict enforcement of rules or things like a victory screen like with app versions of a board game but you manipulate digital components like cards and dice like you would when you play a game at an actual table. We don’t think it will ever fully replace gaming in “meat-space” but we did encounter some aspects of a virtual tabletop that we’ll miss once we start playing around actual tables with our friends again.

While we both had followed the starting tutorial for Tabletop Simulator and had a short looking at Tabletopia, Formula D with five friends was the first time we actually sat down and played a virtual game this way. We had a surprisingly good time, it didn’t feel like it took a lot longer than a normal game of Formula D and everybody picked up the interface pretty quickly. We’re curious to see if this holds up once you play more complicated games but we’ve seen people on Twitter actually saying how quick Gloomhaven plays in Tabletop Simulator so who knows. We also played some Santorini on Tabletopia using the iPad which worked well, originally we wanted to play Dice Throne but couldn’t figure out how to select multiple dice, and the Tabletopia manual is geared towards playing on PC which was a bit of a letdown.

Next to these digital games we also had some good experiences playing analog games! We played Flashpoint over Skype which worked nicely. Both sides of the call had their own board which helped to make sure we all could see the same game state. We also played Plunderbund, a game about running an illegal business selling to different vendors across a fantasy city set in the 1920s. The game was actually a lot quicker with two than we expected so it will probably hit the table again soon because it’s a game we really loved when we tried it at Essen but our previous experiences have always been with four or five players which makes the games not so suitable to play during the week.

The main event for us however was Forgotten Waters, we really like the games Plaid Hat puts out and now that they’ve left Asmodee and are an indie company again, we were really curious about this new release. Forgotten Waters a coop game where you as a group form a pirate crew and have adventures while playing through five different app-supported scenarios. We have complete the first scenario which was fun and filled with great mini-stories but also felt like a tutorial/story introduction into the actual game. After seeing how the Mansions of Madness scenarios feels really different we’re hoping Plaid Hat has been able to pull off a similar feat. The game plays like a coop version of Tales of Arabian nights or the story parts of Near and Far, so it’s great if your group wants to have a thematic experience without having to min/max every little detail to be able to win.

This week we have another Tabletop Simulator session planned and we’re hoping we have the time to try out the DLC case for Chronicles of Crime that Lucky Duck has put up, the last one had quite the twist but we managed to get a perfect score in the end, so hopefully we’ll do just as well this time!


Do you have suggestions of game to play on Tabletop Simulator?


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Not all our comics are based on real-life but in this case, it’s 100% true. Rachel can’t stand it when the lid of a box isn’t rotated in the same way as the bottom which often results in the exact events as pictured in this comic. We store most games in such a manner that you’ll never notice if the box is the right side up but Rachel has to do it every time.

How are you doing? We hope you are still washing your hands, staying inside as much as possible but also making sure you have some fun in the meantime to keep your spirits up. We’ve starting to really miss our gaming groups so we’ve experimented with playing Quacks of Quedlinburg over Skype this weekend which worked really well. We’re also looking into trying services like Tabletopia and Tabletop Simulator which seems to work well for a lot of people on social media.

This week we’ve gotten a little more gaming in as we decided to join in on the #dailyGamingchallenge in which you play one game every day. So far we’ve played London 2nd Edition, Dragon Castle, Quacks of Quedlinburg and Dice Throne. It helped to get our gaming back to “normal” although we can’t seem to find the energy to learn new games due to stressful daily lives.

Speaking of new games, there have been a lot of games that are being offered for free or Pay-What-You-Want during this period. Cool-Mini-Or-Not is offering Xenoshyft completely as a Print-And-Play and Osprey Games is offering Frostgrave and some co-op and solo scenario’s for free. If you like RPG’s more, our good friends from Upto4Player are offering their Savage Worlds setting Crystal Hearts as Pay-Want-You-Want. If you look around on the web you’ll find more examples of this so if you are getting a bit bored with your collection – it’s worth it to look around!

What weird quirks do you have when it comes to board games?


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Games with an app are fun, but do keep track of the battery! 😉

We hope everyone is doing well and making sure they keep themselves and their surroundings safe. We’ve been doing our best not to see other people and keeping a minimum distance from people during the rare occasions we had to go out for groceries.
Rachel has been working from home for years, so professionally it hasn’t big that much of a change. I’ve been working on changing my classes so they can be given online and it’s been quite a hectic week. This also meant we didn’t get to play a lot of games but what we played is worth talking about.

The first game we played was Ruthless, this deck-building game by Roland MacDonald (who you probably know as the artist behind Undaunted: Normandy) won Best New Cards Game at UKGE in 2018 and it offers a really cool twist on normal deckbuilding. Instead of playing your whole hand in your turn, you just play one card per turn. The game plays over six rounds and at the end of every round, you make poker hands with the cards you played a bought that round to see who has assembled the strongest pirate crew. Even though the turn to turn play seems less explosive as a normal deck-builder, the speed your deck turns into a high power combo machine will make your head spin once you that reaching round 3 or 4. We highly recommend Ruthless if you are looking for a game that can be played in an hour (or less if you’ve played it a couple of times) but does some unique things at the same time.

We made one non-essential trip this week which was to our local gaming store to pick up a big game as a way to financially support them. The game we chose was Mansions of Madness 2nd edition and our first game a great experience. We love Elder Sign, Eldritch Horror and the Arkham Horror LCG but we also agreed that we didn’t need more Arkham Titles in our lives. Luckily, it turns out Mansions leans even more heavily into the thematic side of things and turns the Arkham experience, at least the scenario we played, into a light roleplaying escape room with some combat elements. We went over the estimated playtime over 120 minutes by a lot, so it won’t be something we’ll be able to get to the table often but it is this first scenario is any indication, it will be quite an adventure every time we do. 🙂

How did your gaming situation change due to Covid-19? Do you play more or less games than normal?


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The “Cult of the New” is one of those terms you’ll encounter once you start reading messages on board game-related like Board Game Geek. The cult of the new means the group of gamers that are always buying and trying the latest games and rarely revisit older games. While officially not an actual cult, it got us wondering what the cult would dress like and what of rules existed inside the cult. The first rule of the cult would probably that you’re not allowed to play old games, which lead us to today’s comic.

Speaking of Cult of the New, this week we only played new releases. The King’s Dilemma which was released last October, was the oldest release we played. We also played three rounds of Gorilla Marketing, which was released this year. It really clicked with the friends we played it with even though these aren’t the type of gamers which we expected it would go over well, so that was a nice surprise. Lastly, we started off our Sunday playing a game of Untamed: Feral Faction, which we demo’ed at Spiel in 2018 and we glad to report the final version is just as enjoyable as the preview version we played. If you are looking for a Magic/Hearthstone game that doesn’t require deep studies of a “meta” or deck construction, this is a great choice. The designers/publisher Grumpy Owl is also Dutch, which is always a nice bonus for us ;).

This week we have a game of D&D planned in which we’ll learn how the power vacuum after the assassination of the dwarven king will impact our campaign to rally the dwarven army to our cause to overthrow the human guilds in the South. On Saturday, we’ll play two games of Vast: the Mysterious Manor so we can have one learning game and one game to really experience it. We’re looking forward to both!

Do you consider yourself a member of the cult of the new?


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Mental Blocks was kindly provided by Pandasaurus for free. We thank them for giving us this game which led to this comic! For more information on how we deal with gifted games, please see our FAQ!

We’ve played eleven games (puzzles? rounds?) of Mental Blocks this weekend so we couldn’t resist doing a comic about it this week. We haven’t seen a lot of people talking about this game but it has been the only game where every time people want to play at least three rounds and are impressed by how much fun the puzzles are. Our only complaint is that nobody is interested in the traitor variant so we haven’t been able to try that… 😈

This comic came about when we tried to explain what the game was like to somebody and somehow the story of the “Blind men and an Elephant” crossed our minds. The story is meant to teach how you might not see the whole picture of a certain situation and only by working together you can make sense of complex situations. This explanation quickly turns into something hilarious once you start to explain the optional parts of the restrictions, glitch cards, and the traitor variant, however…

It’s been a very busy week gaming wise! On Monday I played a game of Godtear with a friend and realized that I might want to paint all the Godtear miniatures which will take a lot of time but it looks so good on the table!

We also played D&D on Monday and even though it was a short session we had a blast and really enjoyed the boss battle against the Rat Catcher 3000, for which we had printed the Miner King mini created by DutchMogul on Thingiverse. He has a lot of great free minis you can download and print. Ours came out beautiful so we highly recommend his work if you need some cool things to print on your 3d printer.

On Thursday, we played our regular game of King’s Dilemma, which is still really fun and Shut Up and Sit down did a lovely review about it if you want to know more. Saturday and Sunday we had two game days, we played Mental Blocks during both and also played Mysterium, Love Letter and Gorilla Marketing. The last one is a fun party game about coming up with brand names and slogans for things like food trucks, movies or even college courses. The game does require the players to be creative under pressure, so it might not be for everybody, but we enjoyed our first game a lot!

This week we’re going to be slowing down a bit but we have a day of Gaslands planned on Saturday, so expect some modded Hot Wheels cars and explosions on our Instagram feed next week!

What games do you always end up playing multiple rounds of?

Vast: The Mysterious Manor was kindly provided by Leder Games for free. We thank them for giving us this game which led to this comic! For more information on how we deal with gifted games, please see our FAQ!


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We were very excited Leder Games contacted us a while ago asking us if we’d like a copy of Vast: the Mysterious Manor. We love Root and while we own the original Vast and played a two-player game, it always seemed very complicated to get the group together for a larger game.
Now that we have a little more experience teaching asymmetrical games and the new Vast seems simpler rules-wise, we feel that the Mysterious Manor will fit our situation nicely. A lot of people we contacted are very excited (even the manor player 😉) and it almost seemed we would end up with too many players for our first session. We’ve got a five-player game planned in March, so we still have some time to learn the rules and play some turn to see how it comes together.

We’ve seemed to be playing a lot of games that are a bit more ambitious to get to the table or require a fixed group for a number of sessions. We’ve still got our Gloomhaven campaign going which has hit a bit of a rough patch as our new party composition as lost the last two games. We also continued our King’s Dilemma game which is really hitting its stride. Everybody in the group is excited and the games last about an hour which is a great fit for the end of the week when everybody is tired but can still enjoy an hour of role-playing and bluffing during voting while discussing their week and enjoying some drinks and snack.

Lastly, this Saturday we’ve played a massive thirteen-hour session of the Wilson Wolfe affair. Our DM backed this puzzle escape room game a few years ago on Kickstarter and was still looking for somebody to play it with. We were happy to join in and we are a bit intimidated with what was inside the box. We don’t want to spoil too much but the box seems to be a collection of letters and merchandise based on fictional cartoon character Wilson Wolfe. Soon, you figure out there is a whole story behind the scenes with hidden clues and mysteries. It mixes the puzzles of and Exit game with a more case-based mystery like Consulting Detective which seems to work really nicely but the single large story will take us a couple of sessions to discover but we hope the climax is as good as this first impression. It is a shame that is doesn’t seem to be available though, because we think a lot of people would love to try this and maybe we even wanted to upgrade our ‘Silver’ box into a more expansive (and expensive) Platinum box to get the full experience.

Our ambitious streak of gaming continues this week. We have a games of Godtear, Dungeons and Dragons and more King’s Dilemma planned so it seems smaller and shorter games will have to wait a little longer.

This week’s comic features Joseph, one of our dear patrons! If you’d ever like to be featured in one of our comics, check out our Patreon page! 🙂

Which game are you trying to get to the table?


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A couple of weeks ago we got Flamme Rouge on a gift card at our local store Comicasa and it’s been a smashing success! We always wanted a copy since we played it last year at Draughts with Russ and Alex of Dicebreaker fame and had a great time. It’s the perfect gateway game because you can explain the rules in about two minutes and people instantly understand how it works and slowly they start to see how the underlying strategy of taking it slow at the start and breaking away at the right moment. One of my colleagues bought a copy after playing it which is always a great indicator of how great a game is.

This comic is also a bit of a peek behind the scenes. We pitch each other comics all the time and write down the best ones but that doesn’t mean they’ll be created quickly. Sometimes we agree the joke could be better like our Cat Lady comic that was written down for three or four months before we came up with the Wingspan punchline. Other times, we give it a little more time because we now there is an upcoming expansion or Kickstarter which will give the game some extra attention at a moment the designer could really use it. Sometimes, it is about how feasible it is to draw a comic, we could write a comic showing nine million bicycles in Beijing but it’s a weekly comic so there is no way those bicycles are going to be drawn before Monday.

This week I got to play with some colleagues which resulted in playing some classic I hadn’t played in a long time or even played for the first time. We started with Monopoly Gamer which is better than regular Monopoly as it ends after all the players move over the “Start” space eight times but it’s still very random. The production is fun though, with some cool Super Mario based minis. I also got the play SET which was a lot more doable than I remember, it’s fun if you’re looking for a simple game that hurts your brain. Lastly, I got to play Jenga for the first time and now I’m excited to play Dread as it combined the wood tower with a horror RPG which will definitely give you some sweaty palms when playing.

Next week, we’re going to try to cross off some games from our “want-to-play”-list as we’ve been adding more games than we’ve been playing!

Which game would you dread drawing?


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We really enjoy Chronicles of Crime and the Noir expansion added the real cool twist of action cards. Instead of just asking people about clues and people, you are able to break-in to locations, spy on people, bribe or even intimidate them. It’s a great addition to a game that already showed off what a merge between board games and apps should look like. Even though it looks like “QR-code the game” it does a good job with getting you drawn into the case and the cards with suspects and clues help to organize all the information. This reduces a lot of note-taking which games like Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective and Mythos Tales need to keep the case organised. We’re very interested in what Lucky Ducks new Chronicle of Crimes titles, which are launching on Kickstarter next month, are going to offer as the settings seem very cool.

This week we’ve been playing some games as usual. We made a list of titles we want to play again in 2020 and Elder Sign was to first to get played. We really enjoy Elder Sign although some of the expansions seem unfairly punishing and quickly spiral into an unwinnable state if you fail a couple of scenarios. Another thing we noticed that our game had a lot of tiny triggers which made it very easy to make mistakes, we had a good time though and it reminded us that Fantasy Flight titles with tons of cards and expansions do deliver an experience unlike anything else.

We also played the first real scenario of the King’s Dilemma after playing the demo scenario two weeks ago, it’s a wonderful storytelling experience and we got our session done in 90 minutes while roleplaying and some negotiations which is a great playtime for a game. We’re not really sure how you can do any long term strategizing but so far we’re having fun reading the stories and voting based on our secret scoring goals and the fluff text on the player shields.

Lastly, we got the Peleton expansion for Flamme Rouge after playing it again and deciding this game is perfect for a short opener or closing game on game night. The expansion offers several things, but for us the main selling point is the addition of a five and six-player mode. We also like the idea of playing a grand tour using the app but maybe that’s something for the summer when we have a little more time and people are excited cycling because of the Tour de France. 🙂

This week we have a game night we Heinze’s colleagues which means we’ll probably play some fun lighter and party games. We also want to get Taverns of Tiefenthal to the table and cross off some small games from our 2020 must-play list!

what is the silliest misplay you’ve ever made?


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National parks are great in general but Parks the game is also something that we can recommend to a lot of people! Parks is one of the three games we bought this year at Spiel and we, and everybody we played it with, really enjoy it. It’s about walking a trail and gathering resources to collect park cards. Everything in the production is of incredible quality, from the art, the insert and even the first player token is pretty enough to be hung in a museum. The game also seems quite relaxed until a few moves in and you realize it can get quite passive-aggressive while you’re refuse to move one of your hikers so other players have to give up their precious campfire to be able to get to your space.

This week we’ve played our thirtieth game of Gloomhaven which ended in retiring the last of our original party members. It’s going to be interesting to see what it does to our strategies because our new party composition is very different from our original line up so we’ll have to approach the game in a completely different matter. We’re nowhere near the end of the campaign though, as it seems the general consensus is that you have to play about seventy games to complete the storyline and we’ve been doing a ton of sidequests so far, so I’m guessing we won’t be done in time for “Jaws of the Lion” or “Frosthaven”. 😋

We’ve also started playing the King’s Dilemma which was a blast. The game is pretty much a legacy campaign in which you play as the small council in Game of Thrones. Horrible Guild gave us an additional demo scenario that they use at cons so we could talk about our first game without being afraid of giving spoilers. In our demo scenario, we let a heretical upcoming religion blossom as we thought organizing a religious tribunal would be a waste of resources. The result of our negligence was a bit bigger than we expected, with financial support from a neighboring country, the religion founded a university in our capital which held wasteful feasts because it turned out it was a doomsday cult. To stop the spread of this cult assassinating the ‘prophet’ seemed the most logical idea but things got complicated when it turned out when the prophet was a marquis from the same house that Rachel was playing. Fierce discussion and political shenanigans were pulled to pass the motion for assassination and the political lines seemed to be drawn for the next few games because of this matter. We had a great time and everybody is looking forward to the next session which we’ll have in two weeks.

This week, we have no concrete plans yet what we’re going to play but we’ve been making a list of what we really want to play this year. As our collection grows it seems some great games are not getting the attention they deserve. On the list are some older games like Robinson Crusoe and Eldritch Horror but also some newer games like Architects of the West Kingdom and Western Legends.

What your favorite nature-themed game?


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Last week’s comic resulted in two types of comments, the first one was Dutch people calling us out it isn’t snowing over here, the second type was people saying they enjoy solo gaming in the winter. We had a hard time not instantly reacting to them as we had this follow up comic planned.

While we both like the Oniverse games like Onorim, We’re by no means well versed in solo gaming while it has been getting really popular over the last year. There are BGG guilds, reviewers that cover only solo games, and a growing number of games include a solo variant or are even designed to be played solo. It’s cool to see and even though we’re not sure solo gaming is for us, as it isn’t so much the game but the company we enjoy about gaming, we hope it continues to grow and push gaming forward.

Speaking about gaming with company, this week we had our first D&D session with our D&D group of the year, we proudly painted our 3d printed minis but unfortunately, we didn’t encounter any combat during the session. We also completed the final case in the Thames Murders box of Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective! This is something we have started in 2014 and have been joking about in 2016 and again last summer. The experience has been totally worth it and we really recommend anyone who wants a really tricky detective game to really dig into. We’re not completely sure what games we are going to play next with our Sherlock group but we’ll probably enjoy some regular games before committing to another big campaign-style game.

Speaking about campaign games, Friday we’re going to start with the King’s Dilemma and we are hyped, it will be frustrating not to be able to talk about it too much because of spoilers but we have gotten a great group together and a lot of people on social media have been saying they’ve really enjoyed it. Hopefully, it won’t take us six years to complete this one… 😅

What is your favorite solo game?
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