Animal spirits are building a new world by plucking floating pieces of land from the sky and stitching them together with mystical thread. These powerful spirits are the World Stitchers, and even though they are working together to create a new world, only one of them will have the honor of naming it.

Play as one of the animal spirits in this modular, competitive tile-laying game for 1-4 players. Expand the world, gather the energy that’s released when new pieces of land are connected, and raise massive natural spires from the ground to impress the other spirits.

World Stitchers is on Kickstarter right meow:


Greetings from Tenefyr and The Netherlands! I’m Pepijn van Loon, designer and publisher of Heroes of Tenefyr: The Second Curse.

Rachel en Heinze did a comic for my first Kickstarter game, Heroes of Tenefyr, back in 2018, and it only made sense to me to return to Semi Co-op for the expansion.

That expansion (and a reprint of the base game) is live on Kickstarter right now:

Heroes of Tenefyr is a cooperative, push your luck deck-building game for 1-4 players. Each player takes on the role of a hero and you all work together to fight monsters and defend the village of Tenefyr.
This expansion adds new heroes, enemies, bosses and enough cards to double the content of the base game.
And one of the new heroes is a kitten! I mean a Cat-purrson.

I’d like to close off with a big thank you to Rachel and Heinze for this, and all the other wonderful Semi Co-op comics that brighten our Mondays!


Hi there, I’m Pepijn van Loon, the designer and publisher of Heroes of Tenefyr and owner of Broken Mill.

I’m super excited to be launching my first game on Kickstarter, and I couldn’t have done it without the help of some wonderful people. Mainly the 4 amazing artists that I’ve found: Frank Attmannspacher, Emanoel Melo, Manolis Frangidis and Jimmy Nijs. It’s been a great working with them all.

You all know the other two artists who have been very supportive of me: Semi co-op. They even helped promote my game a bit at UK Games Expo! I actually met Rachel from Semi co-op about 14 years ago, back when we were all hyped about the Lord of the Rings movies. It’s a crazy coincidence that we both ended up in this industry after all these years.

Heroes on Tenefyr is live on Kickstarter right now!

It’s a cooperative deck-building game for 1-4 players with some push your luck elements.
The bard is actually a lot more competent in the game than in the comic, but his style of music is an acquired taste. Personally, I love some good bagpipe music, especially when it’s combined with folk or metal.

I’d like to close off with a big thank you to Rachel and Heinze for this, and all the other wonderful Semi Co-op comics that brighten our Mondays and Thursdays!

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