Helena, the latest addition to the champions of the Godtear universe, is now available for you to pick up and add to your warband! She is the only Guardian champion without a banner since Helena embodies her own banner with her devotion to her cause.

Click here to visit the Steamforged webshop to check out this new expansion.

And you can learn more about Godtear’s enigmatic Guardian as we unpick her unique warband in this Ultimate Guide:


There can only be one champion of Champions in the Godtear universe, and YOU get to decide! The past few weeks, Godtear fans have been voting on their favorite champion in an exciting knockout race. And there are two champions left in this legendary finale. Who will win? Raith’Marid or Blackjaw?

You get to decide:

This. Is. It.Someone put on 'Eye of the Tiger'!!Two veritable giants of Godtear are going head-to-head. Only one…

Geplaatst door Godtear op Dinsdag 20 oktober 2020


Like a mighty storm, Luella engulfs her enemies in a whirlwind of flashing steel and thunderous fury. Take cover, for she and her Shieldmaidens charge into battle without a backward glance.

Luella and her shieldmaidens are available for pre-order right now:

And you can try them out for free on Tabletopia:


The world of Godtear is full of fantastical Champions, and they bring along a motley crew to the battlefield too!

Orcs like Blackjaw are followed by his brethren, whilst Titus is accompanied by his Gloryseeker mercenaries. But, sometimes, the followers aren’t the same race or even species!

Take Keera for example she’s guarded by two dragons, whilst Halftusk is joined by the Froglodytes he has sworn to protect.

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