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More than a year ago we published a comic about board gaming jargon and now we found it, the fourth layer: icons! For this comic we used icons from Roll for the Galaxy (if you want, you can look them up in the rulebook to find out what they mean) and three other games. I won’t say which games because I’m curious if people will recognize them. Share your knowledge in the comments below! 😉

Roll for the Galaxy is a great game. Probably one of our favorite games that we should and want to play more often (so many games you guys!). The game is impressive with its many colorful dice and great art and it doesn’t take that long to play it! You’d expect it to take longer because of its looks, but it takes about an hour to play. Everybody is building their own space empire and it’s about who’s managing their empire the best and it’s not about trying to take down other players.

What games use great iconography?

While I agree with your sentiment on the iconography, I find it most amusing considering how much grief RACE for the Galaxy has gotten over the years. The icons may complicate learning the game slightly, but once learned, smooth the game play enormously.

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