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It’s sometimes very easy to get a rule slightly wrong and that can affect the fun of a game immensely, without knowing that you might just have played it incorrectly. This mistake in Pandemic is quite an often made error made by people, I believe we did this once as well in the first time. On the top of my head, I can’t really name any structural mistakes we’ve made in games, but maybe you have a juicy one to share in the comments. 😉

A game in which we did get the rules right, is The Networks, which we played that last week with five players! It’s still such a great and funny game and is very unlikely to ever leave our game collection. In The Networks, players each run their own TV station and have to buy shows, ads and TV stars for their programming. All the shows in there are either completely random, like “Unlocking your cat’s psychic potential” or are a parody on existing shows. Every time we’ve played it so far, everybody at the table is just having a lot of fun even though it’s quite an economical game and that might not be everyone’s idea of fun.

And this weekend it was (finally) time again for our D&D session! Our party is currently in an ancient Dwarven city that doesn’t want to be in contact with the rest of the world and we ended up clearing some mine shafts of stone golems to gain some trust there. Now, we all thought we were doomed when it turned out the stone golems dealt around 22 damage with each hit, with us being level 3 characters… (eek!) But we somehow did manage to beat them and survive. Hurray!

This coming week is going to be hard work to finish everything that needs to be done for Spiel next week! We already made some fun appointments with publishers which we are looking forward to and our schedules are a good combination of free time and meetings. We’re so looking forward to it this year!

Have you ever disliked a game only to figure out you’ve been playing it wrong?

We purposefully pulled off a ‘eradicate all four diseases’ win in Pandemic on the iPad version…courtesy of playing it a few hundred times. Even harder to ‘win’ in that one, as it weirdly ends the game the moment you cure the last disease!

As far as disliking a game by playing it wrong, our biggest culprit there has been the dreaded ‘this game totally plays 5 players…’ No. No it does not. 🙂

The first time my husband and I played Gloomhaven, I accidentally set all the enemies’ strength to very hard while underpowering the player characters! It was super frustrating until he figured out what I’d done–I’m still not great at the game, but at least I’m no longer my own worst enemy 😛

First time we played Terraforming Mars, we set our terraform ratings to begin the game at our corporation’s starting megacredit value. Whoops. Funny, the person with the big megacredit corp won rather easily! (they also were the one who owned and taught the game. It’s possible we have not let them live this one down.)

Me and my parents played Ticket to Ride Europe wrong for about 18 months as we were getting into modern board games, and only realized because we needed to refresh our memories of the rules between the first period of playing and getting it out again.

Discarding cards you attempt to build tunnels with makes tunnels far riskier, while stations always costing one card of any colour rather than that escalating (1, then a pair, then three of a kind) makes playing them down far easier… But the way we used to play didn’t actually hurt the feel of the game at all.

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