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… The things we do in life, eh, mostly board gaming! If you’d make a list, you would be impressed by how awesome you must be! 😉

Last week went by in a flash! We didn’t play too many board games, only The Networks, Biblios and Elder Sign. Oh and yesterday on the train we played a game of Pandemic on a tablet, which we won! … barely. 😀 While the world was spinning into utter chaos and with our outbreak counter on 7, we just managed to cure the last disease. Ignoring most of the cubes and just go for exchanging cards and curing the diseases might not have been our best strategy. 😀

And our game of Elder Sign went just terribly last week. We both were incapable of throwing whatever we needed. For example: even after spending four clue tokens on four dice – the dice just refused to give us a scroll icon. After that and every room in the museum holding a terrible monster, we just quit the game. The Elder Gods just managed to curse our dice that night. We’ll have our revenge one day.

What games offer some pretty great goals for on this achievement list?

Things that come to mind:

– discover a continent (7th continent)
– herd cows across America (Great Western Trail)
– become a hacker (or evil coorporation) (Android: Netrunner)
– die gloriously and enter Valhalla (Blood rage)
– send ghostdreams (Mysterium)

And oh so many more!

Prevent tragedies (tragedy looper), exploring dungeons and caves (lots of options), build a train route (lots of options), build a highway (Tokyo highway), perform in a circus (Meeple circus), manage a metal band (metal Mania), Save Pauline (Donkey Kong Jenga), Save storm troopers (Looping Chewie), Kill your family (strangely enough, several options like Gloom and 13 13 dead end drive), conquer a galaxy (Twilight imperium), build a themepark (Adlung Land, Unfair, etc), Let zombies race each other (All Wound Up), Build your own brewery (Brew crafters) and more and more and more

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