This week’s comic is the first of four guest comics! I proudly present this comic about Gaslands, drawn by Mariecke Kouwenberg. 🙂 Besides being friends, Mariecke and I go way back and went to university together and after that, we were both artists for our own mobile game company called Firedroid. She is an amazing illustrator and I am so happy she was really down drawing a Semi Co-op comic and she totally rocked it (pun intended).

A few words from Mariecke:

Hey, my name is Mariecke Kouwenberg and I’m a friend of Rachel and Heinze. As a casual board gamer I mostly play Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective (when we get to it 😉 ) and Eldritch Horror, but I’m an avid video gamer next to my job as a videographer. This is my first Semi Co-op comic and it was a ride.

After eagerly opening the reference files and comic setup Rachel had sent me, I discovered the board game I would be drawing was Gaslands (which I’ve never played). Apparently that meant cars. Vehicles. I can’t draw vehicles! I better do some proper research by rewatching my beloved movie Mad Max: Fury Road. It was truly a burden. I better watch it twice, just to be sure. Poor me.

Joking aside, I had a lot of fun drawing my version of Rachel and Heinze’s characters (and even my own), experienced a decent amount of stress about the deadline (art is hard), got out of my artistic comfort zone (cars, baby) and gained even more respect for Rachel’s comic-making skills.

Now if only I had a muscle car in real life…

Next week, I’ll hand over the stage to Annika Heller!

Do you play music while playing games?

I LOVE playing music during games. For a game of Android: Infiltration I put all three Shadowrun Returns soundtracks on shuffle, and it really enhanced the immersion. In a recent session of Sentinels of the Multiverse I put their soundtracks on shuffle as well, and after a hard-fought battle what track came on right as the finishing blow landed on the villain? “Sentinels Stand Victorious”.

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