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Getting games to your table is a long process that involves multiple parties getting the right things from point A to B. At the moment, there is a global container crisis going which is hitting the board game industry hard. On Twitter, we heard from publishers that they have to pay up to 1000% for shipping. Understandably, nobody takes that sort of price hikes into account while making a budget so tough choices will have to be made. Expect upcoming games and backed Kickstarters to come in a little later.

Something that we tend to forget is that most board game publishers are very small, even bigger companies are between five and ten people. It’s easy to forget when you get frustrating news about a game you are looking forward to but please stay reasonable and polite because these small teams are probably going through some very scary times at the moment. You probably have some other games on your shelves you’ve yet to play or take the time to grab an old favorite.

Speaking of “old” favorites, this week we played Gloomhaven and Wingspan. It’s a bit strange to realize Wingspan is just two years old and Gloomhaven has just been out for four years. Luckily, both are still great but would recommend them to completely different people.
Gloomhaven is a long campaign that requires you to learn a whole lot of rules and see the big picture while also spot opportunities to succeed. This was our 47th game of Gloomhaven and we honestly have no idea how far we are along with the campaign but our best guess is that we’re just past the 50 percent mark, which means we will probably finish in 2023 if we keep up the current pace.
Wingspan, on the other hand, is a bit tricky to explain to people that are not used to tableau-building games. But once you understand the rules, you can have a fun hour-long game enjoying birds and making all kinds of powerful combos!Β It is amazing that board games can bring two such different experiences while both being considered one of the best games in the past couple of years.

This week, we’re continuing our Pandemic Legacy Season 0 campaign and we’ll celebrate Rachel’s birthday!

What unplayed/old favorite game do you want to play?

Yes, happy birthday!
And both of you keep up your lovely artwork & storytelling & game reviews: you already influenced – no: inspired! πŸ˜‰ – me buying someting two or three times at least!
Many thanks also from my kids for having their dad being able to play new analog games with them (and from me for getting them away from their smartdevices for a while) πŸ˜€
Best wishes from Austria!

The container shortage and shipping problems don’t excuse what Stronghold just did with the Ares Expedition, though. The secret Target deal and the way they handled it was shady, at least for US-based backers. A bad look.

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