It's an emergency!

Netrunner, I love and hate this card game. The game with runs, stim hacks, hidden agendas, brain and meat damage, bad publicity, advancement tokens, ice breakers and many more terms that belong in the Android universe. It took us more than two weeks before we felt like we started to grasp all the different aspects of the game. And that was only the base set! Expansions and Data Packs soon followed, accompanied by actual deck building. People that actually play Netrunner might reconize the outfits of our characters as the outfits of the runner Exile and Director Haas.

Netrunner is brilliant, ridiculously hard, a little nerve wrecking, but very rewarding in my opinion.

About the comic, this happens quite often. Luckily not the printer part, but people tend to call while we’re playing a game and that can be rather anticlimactic.

After being burnt out by MtG and its rampant power creep and netdecking, I am pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoy Netrunner! I am just about to the Creation&Control expansion, just wrapping up the Genesis Cycle. Enjoying your comics, this one got a chuckle for sure. 😉

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