The Sheriff of Nottingham is one of those games on our to-play list. I did watch the Tabletop episode and didn’t want to wait for us playing it before making a comic about it. 😉

Yesterday we participated in a Netrunner tournament in our FLGS! We did some games for practice on Saturday, which were quite neccesary in my case… I hadn’t played Netrunner since the last tournament I participated in, which was in September last year. Whoops, time flies. Nonetheless I ended in fourth place on Sunday – and had fun with my Chaos Theory and (Heinze’s old) Titan Transnational deck! 😀

And we won some pretty cool unofficial promo cards as well. 🙂 

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What have you been playing this weekend?

Being the 4th of July weekend in the United States, it was all about the outdoor yard games with the soon-to-be in-laws … and tragically neglectful in the tabletop department.

I did succeed in getting a game of Yahtzee going with some outdoor-friendly, fist-sized, wooden d6s.

I was especially satisfying to see everyone united in racing the setting sun and battling the onslaught of mosquitoes in order to see the game’s conclusion … grandma won. 🙂

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