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The art on the cards of Codenames: Pictures is so deliciously weird and effectively confusing during the game. We love it!

So last week was my birthday and Heinze gifted me a dexterity game I’ve always wanted ever since I saw it: Junk Art! The simplicity of building weirdly shaped blocks just speaks to me. And if it’s a game: even better! My mother for one clearly didn’t understand why I would be happy with a box of coloured blocks as a gift for an adult, but I guess that ‘misunderstanding’ is worth a comic on its own. 😀

The game is just a fun quick dexterity game that appeals to most people. I think we’ll play it quite often with our friends since most of them got giggly enthusiastic when I explained the concept of the game.

There is a clear winner in our little Facebook poll of which game we should buy from our Amazon credits… and the winner is: Clank! We would have enjoyed every game on the list, so naturally, we are excited. 😉 Thank you all for voting!

Which do you prefer? Codenames or Codenames: Pictures?

I still prefer the original, I feel like it provided for more creativity and lateral thinking, and people would take bigger risks to get more cards with a single clue. Have you played with a combination of both? It’s a little bit insane, but a good challenge for anyone who’s familiar with both games.

I also just got Clank! for my birthday, have only played once so far, but I really enjoyed it. It’s almost like a clever mix of mechanics from a few other games I really enjoy, such as deck-building from Dominion or Ascension, ‘coloured things in a bag that mean bad things’ from Pandemic: The Cure (which I mentioned on one of your Instagram posts) and a gamble/risk of higher points for a longer route from Ticket to Ride. I’m sure someone who has played more games than me would have better examples, but the point is, I find Clank! to be a very clever, fun, and challenging game!

Hope you enjoy it too!

I know Codenames well, but have not played CN: Pictures.

I suppose, in addition to which is preferred, I would ask: is it worth having both?

I tend to play Codenames with the “non-gamer” people in my life, and I feel the nuance of “creative different take on essentially the same game” might be lost on them … but I’d love to be wrong! 🙂

I like Codenames Pictures more, mainly because the non-pictures English one I can’t play with everyone, and the Spanish one is sooo boring, not as many double or triple meaning words as I’d like, but Pictures is awesome in any language!

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