Vivid Memories is designed by Matthew Dunstan and Brett J. Gilbert, with beautiful artwork from Andrew Bosley. Another trifecta of high-quality gameplay, components, and artwork come together to provide more memorable experiences. Vivid Memories is fast becoming a favorite for fans of Sagrada who enjoy and are looking for a greater puzzle-like gaming experience.

Over three rounds, players collect and connect fragments of childhood memories, weaving these memory fragments through their individual player board, representing their brain. Each round of play presents the players with a delightfully challenging puzzle of connecting core memories and collecting moment tiles for variable player actions and scoring opportunities! Players balance creating big combos and connections against carefully combining fragment tokens to match scoring opportunities.

While the gameplay is where Vivid Memories shines, the components are what make this title a delight to play beyond the crafty puzzle it presents. Brightly colored resin tokens that fit satisfyingly into double-layered player boards; a stunning table presence provided by the whimsical artwork of double-sided moment tiles creates a toy factor where you’ll find yourself playing with the pieces outside of your turns. Additional deluxe component upgrades are also available direct from Floodgate Games including a stitched playmat for organizing the play area!

Vivid Memories plays 2 to 4 players over three rounds, never outstaying its welcome with a 30 to 60 minute game time. There is also a solo mode with rules available online for players that are interested in competing against the Automa AI opponent and their own best scores. Vivid Memories builds upon a solid foundation to bring a fresh take on spatial puzzle games that works just as well as a game night feature or a casual game night right alongside Sagrada!

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