It’s actually been a couple of months since we last played Flash Point! We should put it on the table again soon. It’s a smart and fun co-op game for experienced board game players and novices. To explain the comic: in the beginning of the game you roll dice to determine where the chemicals tokens are placed inside the house – it’s completely random! When victims are saved (or are ‘missing’) you have to throw the dice to determine the location for a new victim. This might be in a room you’ve already checked…

Flash Point is a game that can quickly turn on you. There will be moments when you think you are in control of the situation and still lose the game because of bad luck in dice rolling resulting in explosions and/or lost victims.

And now about a totally different game! Yesterday we played Cosmic Encounter for the first time and the game was not what I expected! It was a far more ‘light’ and quicker game than I anticipated. Even with six players. The game does has it flaws, like during the second game I never got to have my turn. The playing order got reversed and the game ended to quickly, so alas. Bad luck! But the many many available alien species make sure that every game is completely different. It was lots of fun and I surely wouldn’t mind playing it again soon.

What’s the last tabletop game you’ve played?

Ah, I love Cosmic Encounter. And every game is different because of the different alien power combinations. We need to play that again soon! Did you play with a single alien race each or go with a couple?
Last games I played were… 27th Passenger and Codenames I think.

Had a gaming con here over the weekend (AggieCon), so I got in a bunch of games: Sellswords, Pandemic the Cure, Space Cadets, Shadowrun Crossfire, Schrodinger’s Cat, Roll for the Galaxy, Roll Through The Ages: The Iron Age, Letter Tycoon, and The Grizzled. 🙂

We consider saving the cat to be an instant win condition for Flash Point. We once found him/her in the cockpit of the plane when using the Honor and Duty expansion. Because that’s where a cat should be.

Last tabletop game played: CV with my wife. I turned out to be an idiot with no friends that stayed at my dad’s company my entire career. She was a brilliant scientist in excellent health with cute grandkids. Yet I collected the most toys – and he who has the most toys, wins. (usually. at CV at least.)

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