Disclaimer: In real life, Heinze never gets angry or even annoyed by losing a game. He actually really doesn’t mind if he wins or not, as long as it was a good game. And don’t worry, we don’t drop our cats on the table to sabotage a game either… although they would probably like it.

The idea for the comic came from the idea that flipping a table out of anger isn’t as easy as it looks! And well placed cats are just as destructive to a game as a table flip. 😉 We couldn’t really think of a game that angers us enough to ‘rage quit’ a boardgame. So the game you see on the table is a fictional game called “AFC Wimbledon goes to Mars”.  What now?! Yes, you can read this comic to find out more if you’re curious.

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Have you ever played a game that has made you want to flip a table? If yes, which game?

or anny mean game where you have to or can be meen to a other player (basicly destroying there chance to win).
especialy with long games, a 3 hour game, where you can be eliminated in the first 30 min… not my thing, i avoid those games. especialy if the game itself encurages it.

Technically there isn’t an actual table involved, but it can really be frustrating in Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links when you keep getting bad draws while your opponent is just destroying you.

The Heart of the Cards isn’t real. If anything the cards can be an asshole sometimes.

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