Disclaimer: In real life, Heinze never gets angry or even annoyed by losing a game. He actually really doesn’t mind if he wins or not, as long as it was a good game. And don’t worry, we don’t drop our cats on the table to sabotage a game either… although they would probably like it.

The idea for the comic came from the idea that flipping a table out of anger isn’t as easy as it looks! And well placed cats are just as destructive to a game as a table flip. 😉 We couldn’t really think of a game that angers us enough to ‘rage quit’ a boardgame. So the game you see on the table is a fictional game called “AFC Wimbledon goes to Mars”.  What now?! Yes, you can read this comic to find out more if you’re curious.

For my readers in the USA – I just saw that Amazon has a lot of amazing board games for sale, you might want to check it out: Amazon’s Tabletop Deals. Note: If you buy a game via that url you actually support Semi Co-op!

Have you ever played a game that has made you want to flip a table? If yes, which game?

or anny mean game where you have to or can be meen to a other player (basicly destroying there chance to win).
especialy with long games, a 3 hour game, where you can be eliminated in the first 30 min… not my thing, i avoid those games. especialy if the game itself encurages it.

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