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International Tabletop Day is an initiative of Geek & Sundry and is a day to celebrate board gaming! G&S will be streaming board game plays live all day on various channels like YouTube and Twitch and throughout the world, events are organized where people can come together to play games. 

Like last year, we thought it would be a good idea make some fun badges again that you can use and share with other people on International Tabletop Day on April 28th! Print them as stickers, magnets, on plain paper or make actual buttons of them – whatever you like! You can award them to yourself or even better: to friends or people you’ve just met during this day of playing games. It’s a quirky fun little thing we’d like to gift to the board gaming community. (A special thank you to Jake Alexios for the idea for the first player, persistence and the spice of life badge!)

You can download a print-friendly .PDF file here or the *.PNG file here.
We’d greatly appreciate it if you would tag us on any social media channel when you post pictures of the badges, we’d love to see them in action! 🙂

On April 28th, we’ll also be announcing the winners of our giveaways on our social media channels! If you have no clue what I’m talking about, you might want to check out our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter account to check it out. We’re giving away a signed notebook, a shirt and a tote bag from our merchandise store we’ve opened last week. Also, a little reminder that our 10% sale on everything will end tomorrow on April 24th.

And last but surely not least, the first video of the Subterfuge game Heinze has been playing for season 2 of ‘Clash of Creators’ a while ago has been published. Click here to see the video of everybody’s video diaries combined which was made by G-Club Channel! He did an amazing job on merging all the videos of 10 players. We can’t wait to see the other ones. 🙂

What achievement badges should we make for Tabletop Day 2019?

Great idea! Will print and use.

New badges:
Explorer – Play at least 3 games you have not played before
Holding Hands – Play at least 2 different co-op games
Legendary – Win a game so good people will talk about it until next Tabletop Day

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