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We don’t back many games on Kickstarter but we made an exception for Let’s Go To Japan! and we’re glad we did! The box was stacked with small goodies and we really like the ceramic bowls, we’re probably going to use those during a lot of games! The game oozes with theme and that makes it a lovely experience. It turned out Heinze is an excellent holiday planner and I’m a very mediocre one. :’)

In Descent, we picked a side mission, believing it would be a lighter scenario but we were confronted with a complex and hard one. At the end, we mostly got frustrated because the mission’s goal changed suddenly to something that wasn’t tactically viable anymore because of the choices we made (trying to achieve the original goal). There was a way we could maybe still win it, but that felt like a rule edge case and to be very frank; none of us felt like doing that after playing for a few hours. So let’s just say we lost the scenario and we think this one is a game design miss.

On Friday, Heinze played Kill Team instead of normal Warhammer 40K and I believe he enjoyed the quickness of it. Our friend also has very impressive terrain! I don’t know a lot about Warhammer, so I could ask Heinze to maybe write a post about Kill Team in the future and share his opinion. In the evening, we visited another friend who’s really into Agricola again. Even though the game is very cutthroat and unforgiving, we do keep circling back to it and I still find it charming. Since we’ve been playing it a few times this year, our friend finally made a step he was considering for quite a while and he ordered the 15th-anniversary edition. I believe we’ll be playing it a few more times this year! I’m curious if I’ll get more comfortable with that aching feeling of not being able to achieve anything of what I’ve planned in the game… :’)

This weekend, we played our first four-player game of Northgard! We’re still really charmed by this light 4x deckbuilding game and our friends are looking forward to discovering more of the other clans that are in the game. The weather was lovely so I continued working on my garden project and that meant no more energy for board games on Sunday! Awww…! But, it was a good week though. 🙂

How Do you transport games? DO you have a  special bag?

I have gone through many variations of game bags, and even have a new one from kickstarter on order. Currently though my favorite go-to solutions are the hard sided reusable grocery bags, they are almost perfectly sized and a second bag that I purchased that allows me to carry 2 games that are TTR sized plus a small box game This has forced me to become really lean in what I bring to a group and not try and being my whole collection.
I have found when going to a friend to become minimal is better, because while I have a lot I want to play, they probably have a wall of opportunity that I should encourage them to play while at their home so that they don’t feel compelled to bring their entire library to my home and prevent my wall of opportunity from being played.

Definitely all about the options ^^. Never sure how many players (Need to take a 5/6+ game or two), how complex (light/medium/heavy) a game we will want, whether peoplr will want to play particular types of games (Coop vs Competitive, High Vs Low Interaction, etc).

I’ve mostly resolved these issues by making my downstairs room primarily into a games room and having people come to me, now there’s a couple hundred options instead of however many I can carry – My shoulders hurt less this way 😆

My gaming group is 30-40 in a food court every Friday. Most people bring something but no one has to bring a game because there is plenty around to choose from. I end up bringing the game wagon! I got one of those collapsible cloth wagons and it can hold around ten games. Everyone in the group is welcome to borrow one and give it a try.

And yes, we have that moment each night when everyone is staring at the assembled collections and trying to figure out what to play.

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