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The original idea on which we based this comic was actually sent to us by a reader two years! Thanks “Captain Cheddarbeard”, sorry it took us a while to turn it into a comic. 😀

Luckily, we’ve never personally reached stage three of this comic, although we do have some baggies in one of the kitchen drawers and we have a Netrunner box upstairs containing baggies and card sleeves. Of course, what also helps is that a lot of games come with an insert nowadays although that completely depends on the publisher.

Last week was my birthday! We haven’t really celebrated it, but I’ve had a great week nonetheless! We finally planned our holiday and we have somehow decided that we’re going to go on a hiking tour in the Austrian Alps from mountain hut to mountain hut. Do we have experience? No, but we do like a challenge. We still have ample time to prepare and are super excited.
With that prospect, we’ll spend a lot of time walking these coming weeks and probably have less time for gaming. 😉 Luckily, we still have enough time to think about what games we want to bring since we’ll probably have quite some time for games after our hikes! But weight is of course an issue, so it’s going to be a nice puzzle (feel free to drop tips!).

Last week, we didn’t play any new games and kicked off the week with Take 5 (a.k.a. 5 Nimmt)! On Friday we played another game of HEAT and we finally introduced the game mode with the upgrades and that’s certainly fun. We still can’t wait to try it with a bigger group! This weekend was fully packed with non-gaming appointments and just we ended up playing a game of Paperback on the train and a game of Riverside in the evening.

What this week will bring: we don’t yet! But I’m sure we’ll manage to squeeze in some games. 🙂 Oh, and in case you missed it, we published another SheGames comic last week!

What stage are you at and would the fourth stage be?

The Opinionated Gamers posted their holiday gaming accessories list at one point, and included one site that did 1,000 baggies in different sizes for $40-50. I’ve been making my way through that set steadily over time ever since.

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