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We don’t actually have a board gaming room and often just play games at our kitchen table, but this is often how it goes, right? And not only in board gaming, people make a pretty picture and you have no clue what kind of mess is going behind the camera. And for fanatic board gamers, there’s the ‘issue’ of newly acquired games that’ll need a place on a shelve since they can’t stay in an evergrowing stack somewhere in a corner. Luxury problems, really – but probably recognizable for some readers of this comic. 😉

In other news: we’ve got a new design up in our merchandise store! We’ve already received a sample of the tote bag and we’re loving it. As we speak, we’re having a little contest on Instagram in which you can win a $10 voucher for our store with no minimum and it lasts until October 31. You just have to follow us on Instagram, like the post and tag a friend in the comments below the Instagram picture. We’ll pick a winner tonight at 8PM CEST. We’re also having a (pre)-Essen Sale right now that lasts until October 31, so if you’re looking for fun board game themed tote bags or shirts, you might want to take a look.

And there’s another contest going on that is related to our comic! On Twitter, KatiesGamesCorner has a giveaway going on in which you can win your own personalized avatar drawn in Semi Co-op style, by me! Click here to check out how you can join in the contest, which ends on October 31. If anybody is interested, you can always send an email to info[at]semicoop[dot]com if you wish to commission an avatar drawn by me.

Semi Co-op – Share the Love (promotion pack)!
We’re looking for people that are coming to Spiel in Essen and would like to drop off some of our bookmarks and stickers at their favorite local gaming spot. This could be on the counter of your local gaming store or at your board gaming cafe (with permission of course). We always leave a stack of bookmarks and stickers at our FLGS and we have to restock them every month and we thought it would be fun if we could spread them around the world! Every pack contains 50 stickers and bookmarks. If you’re interested and are coming to Spiel: please leave a comment down below so we can estimate how many we should order before Spiel.

If you like our comics and would like to support the work we do, we’re now on Patreon! Being a monthly patron gives you automatic entry in the seasonal raffles we hold on Patreon, in which you can win fun prizes like things from our merchandise store, sketches and more!

Do you have a dedicated board gaming room?

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