Hit Z Road is a pleasure to the eye. With its vintage looking box (that shows and decribes a totally different game), the amazing game pieces like the car keys and the bottlecaps and its overall grungy look just makes you want to play the game. The eye for detail is simply amazing.

The random game pieces like the car keys, makes us wonder about the development process of the game. I imagine that random items laying around the house were used for making a prototype for the game. And I guess that could have been quite inconvenient for mrs Wallace. And since I don’t know if there actually is a mrs Wallace, you see the most famous mrs Wallace there is in pop culture in this comic. 😉

We’ve been experimenting with epoxy resin for a project and all the sudden Heinze had the bright idea to fill up the mold we had laying around of the Hive pieces. That resulted in lovely glass-looking Hive pieces! And this gives us the opportunity to experiment with a three player version of Hive.

Do you have any good ideas for a 3-player variant of Hive?

I commented on the Instagram post about 3-player Hive and also talked about always losing to my daughter. After that, she actually brought it to my attention that the team up potential is probably why a 3-player variant might not work. She did posit however that expanding that to a 4-player variant where it’s 2-vs-2 would be awesome and really fun. I tend to agree. Make another epoxy set and skip straight to 4.

As an idea for a 3-player Hive that avoids teaming up, why not get rid of player elimination?

Instead of being the last to lose (getting your Queen surrounded), why not decide the winner by some sort of achievement? That way, everyone is in it until the end and focused on a personal goal.

As an example, what if everybody played until all three Queens are surrounded, and the winner is that player who has the MOST bugs ADJACENT to the other two ENEMY Queens? (A Beetle on top of an enemy Queen could also count, but only the top-most Beetle … maybe, I don’t know … I might be getting ahead of myself!)

You could surround your Queen with your own pieces to prevent others’ scoring, but at the cost of not scoring, yourself. And think of the power of the Queen one-space sneak out of an almost-surrounded situation: in the normal 2-player game it can throw off an opponent’s surround tactics, but in this mode, you would ALSO be depriving players of potential points if their bugs were some of those previously surrounding you.

Just a thought … now I’m curious to see how it could work … where are two Hive players when you need them?! 🙂

I’ve played aroubd with the idea for more than 2 players in hive for a long while. My suggestion is this:
To play with 3-8 players in hive, enough sets that every player has a queen and all the hives are different colors. You play as normal except that when a queen is surrounded, the player who layed the tile completing the enclosure takes the surrounded queen.

In order to win you need 2 queens and your own on the board. Any player with a captured queen may trade it for another players captured queen instead of moving or laying down a tile.

If you have at least 3 tiles on the board and you posess your own queen you must place it.

for a 3 player game, you will absolutely team up to beat one person, but the game continues and allegiances change. In order to win everyone needs to have teamed up at least twice or no-one teams up at all, because noone trusts anyone else.

The game can run a “bit long” and you kind of have to play with homemade pieces for it to work. But it is VERY satisfying to win.

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