So we’ve finally played the Marvel Legendary deck building game! I must say: it’s really fun and it doesn’t take too long to play. Too bad that setting up the game does take quite a while, that kinda takes away the “We have 30 minutes! Let’s play Legendary!”-possibility. So far we’ve played it twice and we won both times. Maybe we were lucky, but so far it hasn’t been as hard as the time we played Legendary Encounters: Alien. We just kept losing (and quickly) in that game.

Tonight we’ll be playing Legendary Encounters: Firefly (Firefly, yay!)! I’m curious how the Firefly version differs from the other Legendary games, we’ll see. The fact that it’s a Firefly themed game already makes me excited. 😉

We’ve had a busy game week last week, we’ve had three game nights in a row. We’ve been playing Marvel Legendary, Roll for the Galaxy and K2. K2 is still such a solid game, every time we play it we come to the same conclusion: this is good. A friend of ours got his hand on a copy of Dominant Species, I’m looking forward to trying that one as well. It seems like a more strategic version of Evolution. Speaking of which, our copy of Evolution: Climate should arrive in a couple of weeks! Can’t wait!

What is your favorite licensed game?

Base Legendary Marvel is quite an easy game. The expansions’ take things up a notch and make the game more comfortably challenging – Or just punish yourself a a bit and consider the masterminds strength to be +5 and Villains +1 or something to keep it interesting :P.

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