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** We’d like to thank 999Games for providing us a copy of Chronicles of Crime!

I mentioned Chronicles of Crime a few weeks ago in the blog post and by now we’ve finished the “main campaign” and we’re┬ávery impressed by it and a little frustrated that we somehow missed a clue. ­čśë Nonetheless, I’d really recommend the game if you’re into these type of murder mystery games. It has a really nice and fresh take on the genre, the only downside in our opinion is, is that it would be less fun if you would play it with a bigger group. In our experience, you can easily play Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective with five to six players, but Chronicles of Crime is really centered on the board on the table and on the single device you’re using. It played perfectly with just the two of us though.

In other very cool news regarding this game, Lucky Duck Games has released the community editor for the game! That means everybody can go and make their own case. We’re really excited about this and we’re secretly dreaming of making our own Semi Co-op case for the game, including our own art of course. Who knows, sometime in the future… ­čśÇ

Last night, it was once again time for another D&D session! Number four! Our DM went all out with the scenery and as you can see in the pics on the left, it looked amazing! These are the perks of having a DM that also enjoys games like Frostgrave and other miniature games. Many kudos to our DM, he is patient with our group and really knows how to tell a story, I can’t wait and see what our journey will bring us and how players will really get into their characters.

What’s your favorite crime investigation game?

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