The last couple of years we’ve been having fun with some comic experiments during the Summer holiday. Last year, we introduced Lion & Gazelle, who even stuck around because we enjoy the format and how it divers from our normal comics. We also had some fun with euro game covers and before that, we had some excellent guest artists that made guest comics for a few weeks. And our experiment with the cube poster even led to us opening our own store!

This year we’ve decided to team up with Peer Sylvester (game designer of The King is Dead, Village Green, The Lost Expedition) because he runs the Twitter account Board Game Facts. Peer has a vast knowledge of the games industry and has an enormous collection of fun facts which he shares via Board Game Facts. Alas, since Twitter is in shambles and due to changes at Tweetdeck, Peer has decided to pull the plug. We’d like to honor his cool contributions by highlighting some of the facts in August. We’re kicking off by putting things in perspective with some numbers! 😀

(in case you missed it, we published a new SheGames comic last week!)

What’s your favorite board game trivia?

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