The good thing about logging your plays of board games is that you know how many times you’ve actually played it! …The bad thing is that you’re confronted with how little times you’ve played certain games. 😉 And sometimes I’m convinced that we’ve played a game more than ten times, but it often turns out that we’ve played it only five times or so. I would like to say that we would like to improve on the numbers, but lately, we’ve been getting new games a little quicker than we can play them. It’s amazing to discover all these new games, but it can also be frustrating that we don’t have the time to play certain gems a little more often. The 10×10 list (playing 10 games, 10 times in one year) is, of course, a wonderful way to achieve this! Although I think I would prefer a 20 x 5 list in our case. We should make this for the summer!

The UK Games Expo is coming closer and for those who are attending, we have some news! We’re going to be guests in the No Pun Included live show on Saturday night at 9 PM together with Tom Vasel from The Dice Tower and Rahdo from Rahdo Runs Through. Efka and Elaine are funny people and there will be music, so it’ll be a great evening and we’re looking forward to it! Exciting times!

Which of your games would probably start a revolution?

I wish I had so much free time to play games 🙂
Usually I play… once or twice a month only 🙁 It’s hard to get some free time with wife and two children. Of course I can play with wife (after children went to beds), but usually we don’t have energy to do so 😛

I also have limited time with a wife and two kids, but thankfully my wife does enjoy to play a few games with me, even on our weekly dates, sometimes.

The other thing is that I’ve started to get into solo gaming a bit more, though I’m not sure I’ll count solo plays for my 10×10.

A revolution on my shelves would likely come from some of the older co-ops I have, including Forbidden Island, Pandemic: The Cure and Flashpoint: Fire Rescue.

I have been tracking a 20×5 for a few years now – I highly recommend it! Playing a game every two months seems more reasonable when my game group averages 3 sessions a month. Although I might actually make my 10×10 this year thanks to my new trend of Solo Saturday mornings & finding one gamer at work for weekly lunchtime sessions. I can’t seem to let go of Catan but haven’t played in a long time. Also have a few games my family _says_ they might play again – so I still have the lightly played Evolution, Flashpoint, Avalon and (regular) Pandemic.

currently we are sitting at 23 unplayed games… We were at over 30 so this is already a good number.. and if we drop it under 20 at the end of the year it will be great.

I would like to see a revolution from Arcadia Quest/Inferno and Suburbia 🙂 I want to play them a lot but we never choose them for one or another reason.

I completed my new year’s resolution to play all of my unplayed games last week, I celebrated by buying four more games. I do not learn.

Once I have gotten those to the table, my next goal is to play every game in my collection I haven’t yet played this year. Which at my rate could take until next year.

I recently checked my statistics for fun –for me, Netrunner accounts for almost 25% of the plays I have logged, not just 10%… 😀
My top 11 most-played games account for nearly half.

But I don’t think that’s so bad, even though I do own a bunch of games I love, but have only played 3-5 times. I am always trying to get them played more.

The 10×10 challenge — started on Boardgame Geek by designer and podcaster Sarah Reed btw (many people do not know she was the one who invented it) — is one of my favourite things to do on BGG. I am now participating in it the 4th time in a row and have completed it successfully the past 3 years. It really is a good way to dive into some games a little deeper.

@Troy – I use BG Stats, fantastic app and I know a great many others use it too.

I have myself a few challenges set on it for 2018
– 400 Plays. Not looking likely at the moment. 96 so far!
– 100 Unique Games. Easy – Will go for 150 next year.
– 10×10. I’m on target but not convinced I’ll hit it, I rarely play single games that many times.
– 30×5. Same status as the 10×10. I hope I hit this one though, I think it’s a good target for getting into a high variety of games.

p.s. 20×5 is too easy ;))

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