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Yes, Heinze and I do both play Animal Crossing, but no, we certainly haven’t given up on board gaming. I think Animal Crossing is a fun game, but not something I would want to play hours and hours every day, Tom Nook is going to have to wait a while for me to pay my debt. 😉

Something we did play this weekend that took about three or four hours was Mansions of Madness!  It was an intense scenario and our escape was burned… right before our eyes and we lost the scenario. But what an experience that was, we’ve had loads of fun and can’t wait to try the scenario again now that we know what to expect. The only thing we’re trying to decide is whether to play with just two investigators or scale it up to two investigators per player.

We also played the Devil’s Kitchen scenario of Chronicles of Crime last night and we really enjoyed it. At one point we thought we knew the solution until we learned about one small detail and that changed everything! It was great our hypothesis turned out to be correct and we managed to answer all the questions.

With no actual gaming nights planned or legacy/campaign games for us to continue, we do get a chance to play some games we otherwise would have played very often, I’m really curious which games we’ll play this coming week. We’ll often name five or six titles and if one of us doesn’t have a preference, we let a die decide which game we’re going to play, so I guess you’ll read next week what the die decided!

ARe you playing animal Crossing?

Yes I play it. Too much maybe. But I live alone and playing Board games over Skype is not that much fun. That`s why I have lots of Time without anything to do. (That`s not true, I have lots of adulty things to do, but they are no fun, so Animal Crossing it is)

Hey I don’t know if you already familiar with it but if not you might wanna check out let’s roll by roosterteeth. it’s a boardgame based channel availablke on both the rooster teeth website and youtube. Also nice to find a wbecomic by fellow Dutch people

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