We’ve been playing Tigris & Euphrates a few times now and I think this is the first game we encountered in which your lowest score counts. It’s an interesting game mechanic for sure. It often happened that I had more than 20 points in military, but only 5 points in agriculture for example. It was interesting to compare the game to some other games we’ve played that are designed by Reiner Knizia. The game is a little bigger and more complex than some of the other Knizia games we’ve been playing like Qin and Age of War for example, The game actually feels like a meatier version of Qin, a favorite that often makes it to our table. Tigris has more depth to it though and seems to really shine with a group of veterans than just two beginners.

Tigris & Euphrates is the first in Fantasy Flight Games Euro Classic Line, which is interesting considering they also make big boxes full of miniatures kind of games. For us as new enthousiast to “the hobby” it’s nice that light is being shed on these dusty games, so we can enjoy them as well!

The next game in the Euro Classic Line is another Reiner Knizia game Samurai, with over 250+ games by Reiner, it seems they could be doing this for a while ;-).

What is your favorite game designed by Reiner Knizia?

This is hilarious! I’m gonna be using this logic for many years to come. Tigris & Euphrates is definitely my favorite game by Reiner Knizia. Although Lost Cities gets the most plays, and is a really fantastic 20 minute game. Even though the man himself can come off as out of touch, some of his games really hit the mark with me.

Well done 😀

Not wanting to split hairs, but your description of the ‘Knizia counting system” is not correct. It’s the “…highest lowest score…”, but as someone pointed out to me the rules description is a very elaborate way of saying: The winner is the one with the most sets (of each color).

So sorry to burst your bubble, but it is still a game where the winner has the most X, but i do understand you’ve been mesmerized by the paradoxal sounding description 🙂

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