Heinze came up with these fantastic poems of these two games we love and I just had to make a comic about it. I’ll make sure that we’ll come up with less ‘romantic’ comics for the coming weeks. 😉

And there is this last wedding-related thing I wanted to share with you guys. As a little thank you present for our guests, we made our own version of Love Letter! Featuring ourselves and ofcourse our cats. 😀 Here’s a gallery with some pictures of the game (click the arrows to see more):

Custom Love Letter

So, can you come up with a poem about your favorite game?

Have two! One darker…

There once was a villain, Ramonat
Who when fighting his toughest opponent
Accidentally slaughtered
His foe’s only daughter
And now fights alongside in atonement.

And one more in keeping with your recent good news!

Machine Cult is red
Federation is blue
All of my outposts
Are belong to you

My first is Baron Blade, from the superhero co-op game Sentinels of the Multiverse. In one timeline Ivan Ramonat killed Pauline Parsons – the daughter of Paul Parsons, better known as Legacy. With his daughter dead and the chain of inheritance broken (each child of the Parsons family gains a new power), Legacy became dogmatic and violent, eventually coming to terrorise the world as the supervillain Iron Legacy. Much later, and in a different timeline, a repentant and wiser Baron Blade joins the heroes as the superhero Luminary (Ivan has a thing about the moon) to help them fight the most dangerous adversary of all…

My 2nd, of course, is Star Realms. 🙂

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