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Yaay, last week we received our copy of Mechs vs. Minions and it is such an impressive box in the in- and outside. And it’s huge and heavy, filled with loads of miniatures, cardboard, cards and even metal coins.

We’ve both been too busy to play it yet (alas) and this weekend we went on a little holiday (it can be so pretty here: impression 1, impression 2) and Mechs vs. Minions is not the sort of game you take with you in a suitcase to play at your hotel. 😉  What we did take along is the printable first case of Arkham Investigator, which we still have to finish, so’ I’ll discuss it another time.

Back to the giant box that’s filling up the screen. We did manage to play the tutorial last night and that was kind of hilarious. My mech in particular felt like it was whirling and twirling around while it was blasting fire around and… not hitting anything. I’m sure I’ll get better at it in the first mission. … I hope. 😀 If you want to know more about Mechs Vs. Minions, I’d advice reading the review by Shut Up & Sit Down.

What’s the biggest game box you own?

My collection has two Big Box versions that tie for the “biggest box” title: Alhambra and Carcassonne (the 5th version, I believe).

It’s always such a tough call, weighing “investing” in the Big Box version against just starting with the base game: on the one side, it’s reassuring to know that when I’m ready to expand, I’ll have many (if not all) options … plus, it’s a better value; but on the other side, actually finding myself with Alhambra veterans willing and able to add expansions to our play is something I’m still yet to experience. Carcassonne’s a little different because the game itself is a little lighter, so putting on a little more weight after even just one game is possible. But what if, when I’m finally ready, those expansions are no longer available?? Gah!

Recently, I was shopping for Escape Curse of the Temple and was surprised to find they offer up a Big Box version, as well. I ended up just going for the base game. Partially, to stay within my board game budget (*sigh*), but also I felt the sentiment of this comic … I JUST DON’T HAVE ROOM FOR THAT BOX! (**sigh**)

Lol! I’m feeling this way about the 2018 (or was it 2017??) Time of Legends: Joan of Arc kickstarter from Mythic Games which started shipping in 2019. It’s not so much that it’s one gigantic box, but that even at core it’s 3 big/ heavy boxes!! (luckily I didn’t go all-in but there are more boxes shipping with their second wave soon…)

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