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Putting away games is quite a science! Recently we saw this conversation between Eric Booth and Johnathan Liu on Twitter which instantly knew had to be a comic. Especially with bigger games, putting it back in the box can be as tricky as remembering the rules! We really appreciate it when games publishers collaborate with companies like Gametrayz to make sure things will fit nicely. Parks is a wonderful example that has great-looking trays that fit neatly in the box and make sure everything stays in place when the game is returned to the Kallax. Fantasy Flight games are the other end of the spectrum having loads of tokens, decks, boards and dice and you’ll have to figure out on your own what’s the best way to make everything fit. I remember we took an afternoon to reorganize our Imperial Assault box after two campaigns in an effort to speed up the process of setting up and tearing down everything, to only play it twice after that…

Speaking of playing games, we didn’t play a whole lot this week. For the next weeks we have a guest in the house who will change up our gaming nights a bit. He does like Ticket to Ride so we’ll be serving a steady diet of gateway games to see what he does and doesn’t like. The first game we tried yesterday was Machi Koro 2, which went down well and we played two games back to back. We did receive quite a few new games however including Machi Koro 2 (thanks Pandasaurus!), Rush Out! (thanks Sit Down games!), Chronicles of Crime 1400, Cantaloop and Sleeping Gods. We’re very eager to try these games so hopefully, we’ll find some free time soon to get lost in some real-time dice battles and all those wonderful interactive stories.


What do you think is the hardest game to get back in the box?

Android. The old mystery board game that started the entire IP for FF games. Then again, Fantasy Flight has a tendency to *not* really do really good inserts.

It’s kind of funny how that as tabletop games have become more popular, a lot of companies have really gotten invested in making sure they produce good inserts for their games from the word go or have accessories companies that produce quality inserts for them.

I use an expansion box for all the boards for MoM, so that the original box is pretty much just a jumble of mini’s – But with nothing heavy that might damage them ^^.

I do prefer no insert versus a pointless insert though – It’s either got to be fantastic like a gametrayz one, or no insert at all and I’ll sort something.

It needs to actually use all the space too, or when I get an expansion it will be thrown out anyway for me to fit the expansion in the same box – Drives me crazy having plastic inserts where 70% of the box is air, just to fit the small amount of components “neatly”.

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