Original art of Santorini is made by the amazing Lina Cossette and David Forest – http://mrcuddington.com

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Santorini, ah, where to start? This game has it all. It has the looks, it has strategy and variety all in one box! The first day we bought the game, we’ve played it nine times and we even played in the train back home and it has hit our table often since then. It’s a game that requires basically no setup and it just plays really quickly. The goal of the game is simple: try to be the first player who moves one of their builders to the third level of a building. The simplicity is the charm of the game.

But if you do feel like you need more variety, there are God cards that can give players powers that influence the game. Most of them change the dynamics of the game completely in a surprising way. All in all, we’re already quite certain this game is going to be a game we’ll be playing for a long time.

Patreon update

It’s been only one week since we launched our Patreon page and we’ve already passed $100! That is so amazing and means that the monthly costs for the Semi Co-op web server and the software I use to draw the comics in are paid for by our readers! <3 Thank you all so much!

We also want to experiment a little with giving a behind-the-scenes peek into making a comic, like posting sketches on our Patreon page, so keep an eye out for that later today!

What is the most terrible expansion you can think of?

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