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The number of board games that are being launched through Kickstarter this year is gigantic! Kickstarter is a wonderful platform to gain enough funds to be able to produce a game and this is especially important for the smaller developers. But the bigger players that are well known for their high numbers of miniatures that come with their games, like Cool Mini or Not, almost certainly know that their Kickstarter campaigns will succeed (looking at previous successes) and it seems like the stretch goals are getting more and more lavish because of that.

While there is nothing wrong with this, it does feel like games are getting more and more expensive because they have to look amazing to stand out from all the other Kickstarter projects and this is holding us back when considering buying a game through Kickstarter. Because we enjoy playing a lot of different games, it doesn’t feel logical to spend a lot of money on just a single unproven game.

What is the most epic Kickstarter project you’ve seen/backed?

I would have to pick the Duchess Game Tables. Chad DeShon of put it all on the line to make beautiful gaming tables available at less than half the price of anyone else in the country. His personal dedication through adversity is The Way to show love to people, and love for gaming..

The most I spent on a kickstarter is ยฃ30, and that was Tim Fowers Hardback. I’d already enjoyed Paperback as an app and also owned Burgle Bros so I was pretty happy with the designers ability to get my attention. However I tend to not want to spend more than about ยฃ20 on a kickstarter because of risking out unproven it is! Even now, with Dinosaur Island on a second print run I struggle to pay out ยฃ60+ on it. For those of us on a budget I much prefer when there’s a cheaper edition without all the glits and glam!

Have you also played Fugitive by Tim Fowers? And agreed on Dinosaur Island. Unless it’s a legacy game, we don’t play the same games that many times to justify the high costs just because it’s sparkly and pretty. I am certainly interested in the game, but not at that price point. ๐Ÿ™‚

The most epic boardgame I’ve ever backed has to be the 1st edition of Gloomhaven. I always believed in Isaac Childres’ vision of a boardgame and he delivered on all fronts. Miniature-wise I’ll have to chose Mythic Battles Pantheon. The game’s awesome and the miniatures are at peak quality.

The fact that so many games are now made more expensive just so that they can contain aaaaaall the deluxe components bugs me a lot.
I don’t mind optional buys like additional metal coins, or paying extra to get printed meeples, that sort of stuff. But I don’t like paying 60-80 dollars for a base game that could have been 30-50 dollars with normal, good quality components. And this trend exists in retail as well, not just on Kickstarter (although it is more pronounced there).

At some point I decided I didn’t really want to do Kicktarter anymore and instead buy more retail games (that I can then also try before buying more easily, and don’t have to wait for), but there are so many great-looking games on Kickstarter that this is difficult. This year I’ve backed two Kickstarters so far.

You’re right that there is a trend going on. I guess because there are so many new games nowadays, developers want their games to stand out.
Regarding bigger Kickstarter titles: we couldn’t resist backing 7th Continent (base game) and Root. 7th Continent because of the lack of availability in retail and Root because it sounds amazing and we’re both in love with the art style. <3

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