In Agricola players can hold one animal in their house as a pet, no matter the size. There is quite a difference between sheep and cattle, so I always love to imagine how it would be for your farmers to actually have these ‘pets’ in their tiny little house.

I’m going to admit that I hate Agricola as much as I love it for its charm and cleverness. This game just really stresses me out because of the limited amount of rounds and the many -many- things you need (and want) to do. I often start out having a game plan, which I then have to diss early on in the game because my family is about to starve or other players have exactly the same game plan.

In the end it’s mostly a game of survival for me and while I’m busy surviving, I’m trying to scramble together as many points as possible along the way. Maybe we just need to play it more regularly or maybe the game and I will never be best buddies. I just experience quite some AP (analysis paralysis) with this game. Speaking of AP, the amazing webcomic TinyWoodenPieces did a comic about that (and Agricola!) this week, check it out!

Agricola was one of the first games we bought at the start of our journey into the wonderful world of board gaming. I’ve never regretted it, Agricola showed us how amazing board games are nowadays.

What’s your opinion of Agricola? Love it or hate it? 

I have only played it on iOS sadly. I love it, but find it difficult when playing with professions and minor upgrades… I find them distracting. This makes me feel pretty dumb for playing on “family” mode, but I still love it, and I’m trying to make sense of professions more. I think I overemphasise them, maybe.

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