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Culling games is hard… or is it? At first, we almost never culled a game but at one point we couldn’t store them anymore! While knowing you’ll probably never play a game again because of a lack of time or a preference for another game, we started to give away our games to friends and family. We never asked money for it and would just prefer that games found a new house where they would be played. Some games though, are for a very specific audience and giving them to a second-hand store, for example, wouldn’t reach the people who enjoy these games – so we do sometimes sell a game. Luckily, Heinze and I don’t often disagree on which games to cull. If games reach the “maybe?” pile, we often play the game another time before making a decision. And then there are also games that we know we’ll probably not play again (or maybe just once every five years…), but they have a sentimental value like Agricola! That game kinda was the beginning of our interest in modern board games, so I refuse to let it go…

Last week was my birthday,  I finished a bigger project and we were the Masters of Ceremonies of a wedding party of our friends (it even had a games corner!)! So it was a busy week. We only played a game of Roll for Galaxy and Heinze gifted me Radlands for my birthday! I’ve always thought the art of the game was amazing and now that I own the game, I can only say that I was right! I love the vibrant colors and character designs. Last night we also played the game and I’m happy to say that the game itself is also good. 😉 We’ve written our first impression and description of the game on Instagram if you’re interested: https://www.instagram.com/p/CfSCMW8LoUa/

Oh, and in case you missed it, we’ve published another comic in the #SheGames series commissioned by Board & Dice last week!

What game would you never cull?

Puerto Rico is a “never cull”, partly for sentimental reasons. It was the first real Euro I ever played and was really my gateway into modern boardgaming. I introduced multiple people to it after moving (and several of them bought copies of their own). It’s still enjoyable to play (though it’s played very very rarely) and a solid game to bring in people new to boardgaming (i.e., people who haven’t played anything since something like Life or Monopoly as a kid) because the learning curve isn’t super hard and it’s doesn’t take too long to teach.

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