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We say Semi Co-op is a webcomic about board games, but it’s also about card games and sometimes RPGs. Calling it just a webcomic about ‘games’ would also include digital games… which we don’t cover. We also could say it’s about tabletop games but that’s often referred to when talking about RPGs and miniature wargames which is not our main focus. So we settled on board games but the line between games is very fuzzy.

The fact that there are a lot of cross-overs also shows that board/card games have gotten creative! For instance, take a game like Seasons. Is that a board game or a card game? I guess it’s a card game with some added boards but a game like Clank! feels like a board game, while an important part of the game is deck-building. It doesn’t really matter of course, but I can imagine it can be tricky to market a product if it covers a lot of “genres” and you want to capture the attention of your target audience in an instance. 🙂

We didn’t have time to play as many games as we’re used to this past week so we had time to think about these things, haha. :’) We only played a game of Treasure Island! It had been a long time and I have only ever played as Long John Silver and this was my chance to finally be one of the players that got to search the island, yarrr! Without luck though… me and my fellow-pirate were very focused on the south side of the island while Long John Silver had buried the treasure in the North. Somehow we both missed that and Heinze played the hints very nicely to his favor. Better luck next time!

Luckily this week is going to be a more interesting week of gaming though. We’ve got some new games that we’re really keen on trying! Mantis Falls, Shamans, and a preproduction Galactic Renaissance. I believe all of these are lesser-known titles so we’re in for a surprise ourselves.

And in case you missed it, we published an extra comic last week about the game Triqueta!

What makes a “board game” a board game and when is it a card game?

I’d say both board games and card games have a similar appeal, so the difference doesn’t really matter to most of the people who care about playing them. I like to distinguish types of games by the gameplay instead of the materials you play with, feels like a more meaningful distinction.

I mean, most of the games I own now don’t even have a board, but use neoprene mats instead of boards and chips instead of meeples/cardboard markers. I’m not sure what I’d even have to call those games.

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